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REVII: From Trailer to Launch

It’s official: Resident Evil is scary again! Even if it is borrowing a bit from the likes of Amnesia and Outlast, but there’s no denying that Resident Evil is finally delivering the scares its fans have been wanting for so many years. This shouldn’t really be coming as a shock since so much of the game’s pre-release media showed us what looked like a genuinely terrifying experience. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but with so many trailers and previews proving themselves unreliable at best we can hardly be blamed for our skepticism. Yet, here we are. Resident Evil VII is an excellent game that actually delivers the genuinely chilling experience were promised in the very first trailer. How closely does it hit the promised mark? More so than you might think. Continue reading REVII: From Trailer to Launch

A Better Way to Level Up

I have mixed feelings about leveling up in video games.  As we all know, this common feature of RPG’s allows us to make our characters more powerful and, in any game that includes it, it is typically a requirement.  You simply can’t get through RPGs without leveling up your characters, or else you’ll be doomed to inflict 1 HP of damage per attack to bosses whose HP is in the millions, while your own feeble health bar of a whopping 100 HP is crushed to powder by the weakest attack from the weakest weakling…in the final level, at least.

While leveling up makes battling feel a lot more productive (honestly, once you have the maximum number of Deku sticks in Zelda, you may as well leave the Deku Babas alone), and it can make some games easier because, if you can’t defeat an enemy, you simply level up until your abilities far outmatch that of your foe’s, it is also one of the biggest things I despise in video games.  Seriously.  Aside from games that give you a big fat game over once you run out of lives, I hate leveling up. Continue reading A Better Way to Level Up

Street Fighter V and a Different(?) Approach to DLC

Image by Flickr user Dan Klimke (CC)
Image by Flickr user Dan Klimke (CC)

Several days back, at the EVO 2015 fighting game tournament, Capcom announced that its newest Street Fighter game, Street Fighter V (SFV), would essentially be released as a “complete” game with free (or mostly free) content becoming available down the road.  So unlike with Street Fighter IV (SFIV) and its “Super” and “Ultra” upgraded versions on disc, Street Fighter V will be the only version of the game on disc, ever. Also unlike with SFIV, new SFV characters will be unlocked FREE, FREE, FREE to players through gameplay. Interestingly, in its statement Capcom noted:

Continue reading Street Fighter V and a Different(?) Approach to DLC

The Duck’s Top Three Overlooked Games

Image from Flickr User: Hallion
Image from Flickr User: Hallion

One would think that the best games would also be the most well-known, which is often the case, but there are times that I decide to give some obscure game a chance and am baffled at how such an amazing game could have been forgotten so.   I have several such games that are quite dear to me, and I have decided that the only way to give them the recognition they deserve is to share them with all of you. And so I will, in no particular order, as they are all awesome. Continue reading The Duck’s Top Three Overlooked Games

The Duck Discusses the Wii, 360, and PS3 Generation: Part 1-Wii Look at the Wii

Image by Flickr User: MrBeng
Image by Flickr User: MrBeng

You all remember how, when this blog first got started, I wrote a series about the pros and cons about the GameCube/XBox/PlayStation2 generation, don’t you?  Well, actually, you may not because that was a while ago.  But, believe me, I did.  And now that I have had a good amount of experience with the last generation of consoles (the Wii, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3, of course), I decided it was time to write a series of posts on what I find good and bad about these three awesome consoles.  To start, the console I’ve had the longest, the Wii.

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Community Post: Why Not Remember Me?

Image by Flickr User: RMA2kay4

It seems we all have our guilty pleasures don’t we? After the stellar start we’ve had from the Duck and Chip, I hope to continue to the trend! Read on for more Tales of the Slightly Embarrassing (but not really 🙂 )!

There’s something so fascinating about the idea of memories. They live in the past but actively shape our present lives. Everything that we are in the present: our personalities, our skills, our motivations, even small matters like the food we enjoy is all defined by our previous life experiences. We are, to some degree, the sum total of our memories up a given moment. So what if someone had the power to alter those memories? What if they could reach into your mind and twist them, bend them to their will, or even remove them completely? Would you still be yourself? How much would you change? What kind of person would your altered memories create? Remember Me not only asks all these questions, but puts you into the shoes of that memory-altering someone! Even though the gameplay itself leaves much to be desired, It’s an existential role that I absolutely love and makes Remember Me a guilty pleasure of mine. Continue reading Community Post: Why Not Remember Me?

Great Games I Almost Missed

Image by Flickr User: Cinder6
Image by Flickr User: Cinder6

Sometimes, I like to think about how things would be if I made different decisions.  Like, if I had never decided to buy the PlayStation 2, my first venture outside my previously Nintendo-only domain, what games would I be playing now?  What would my collection look like?  I’m sure we all have times where there is a great game we didn’t plan on getting, but we ended up playing it because of what a friend said about it or because it caught our attention in the store during a search for a completely different game.  And when this happens, I often think about how close I came to missing out on such a good game.  And maybe we all do that, or maybe it’s just me.  Because I think too much into things sometimes.

And when I get to thinking, I realize all manner of things.  If I didn’t just happen to spot “Okami” and “Vexx” and decide to give them a try, I would have missed out on some fantastic games.  And “Portal 2”, actually, was thanks to good things Cary and Hatm0nster said about it, or I would have never bought the game.  (Thanks, guys.)  Seriously, I saw it in the stores, and all I thought was, “That game sure has a weird cover”, and that was that.  Then, I heard people talk about this game, looked it up one day, and there it was, a game I had seen before and just simply passed by.  Small world.  Or just, small video game section of the store.  I dunno.  But, it’s weird.  Also, thanks to more good reviews on blogs I’ve read, I bought “Chrono Trigger” and “Chrono Cross”.  Never heard of those games before, but now I own them, and I really look forward to playing them. Continue reading Great Games I Almost Missed