Top Anticipated Games: #gamersonwatch

With E3 at a close, I must make a confession.  While I have certainly heard of this important gaming event, I admit that I don’t typically pay it much heed, and any news I do hear comes from random people or articles on the Internet.  Nevertheless, I have a short list for you all in celebration of E3 and our June community post, and I’m keeping it simple.  My favorite gaming news is whatever involves the release of interesting games, so I shall list (and briefly describe) the five games I look forward to most (whether they were mentioned at E3 or not).  In no particular order. Continue reading Top Anticipated Games: #gamersonwatch

Outrage Isn’t Working

DestinyMapImage Captured by Hatm0nster

There’s been quite a bit for us gamers to get angry about over the last couple of years hasn’t there? Poor PC ports, stupid comments from developers, poor digital store curation, nickel-and-dime pricing structures, manipulative marketing, preorder culture… the list of things for us to be angry about goes on and on. Most entries on that list are valid reasons to feel annoyed or even angry with those responsible, but I have to wonder how much good our righteous fury is actually doing. Every time a developer or publisher does something stupid or shady, the gaming community works hard to make our discontent clear. Once it becomes clear that we’re angry, those responsible always issue some sort of apology, sometimes offer us an extra little-something to show their sincerity, and we let them off the hook since we don’t want to be the entitled jerks we’re made out to be. This would be fine if the same people didn’t keep doing those things that made us angry in the first place. It’s often not long after the big “we’re sorry” that the same garbage is pulled and we all get angry all over again and start yet another instance of this cycle we’ve been stuck in for so long now. Perhaps it’s time to try another approach. Continue reading Outrage Isn’t Working

If Happiness is a Battle System, then Xenoblade Chronicles Makes Me Smile

Image by cary. It's mine, I tells ya! MINE!
Image by cary. It’s mine, I tells ya! ALL MINE!

Though I might have conked out on my self-promise to complete Metroid Prime, I haven’t given up on a number of other challenges that persist in my backlog, one of which is finishing Xenoblade Chronicles. Long story short, back in 2013, I started Xenoblade Chronicles, only to give it up after realizing just how long it was. At 60+ hours just to beat the main story (and 100+ to complete everything), I simply didn’t have that kind of time to devote to a single game. This past February, a copy of the game wormed its way back into my life, and I couldn’t turn it away this time. I picked the game back up, right at my last save point from two years ago, a mere five hours into the game. I’m now just over 40 hours in, the stress of me actually finishing the game is palpable. In fact, me stressing over this is actually stressing me out more right now, so that’s why I’m not here to talk about unfinished games, extremely long RPGs, or anything of that sort. Instead, I’m here to talk about battle systems, because Xenoblade Chronicles, for all its flaws (and yes, it has some), has one heck of a great battle system.

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Resonance: Cave of Bad Dreams

I have recently been in a big Rayman mood.  I’ve been replaying Rayman 3, and I have also been reading a pretty great fan fic for the series called When the Tables Have Turned which I’ve been following for a good year or two now.  Seriously, it’s awesome.  Ahem, well, a time came when her story made mention of the Cave of Bad Dreams from Rayman 2, and I was thrilled and excited at this reminder of a level I enjoyed just as much as it chilled me. Continue reading Resonance: Cave of Bad Dreams

Not Dead Yet! #gamersonwatch

Beyond Good and Evil Jade

Image by Flickr user: adurdin (cc)

This year’s E3 will likely go down as one of the most successful of the last few years. Not only did we get a boatload of announcements and trailers that we were already expecting, but we also got some of the biggest out-of-left-field reveals to ever come out of the show! The new DOOM is alive and well, The Last Guardian was confirmed as still in development, and perhaps the most incredible of all: the Final Fantasy VII remake (a project many thought would never EVER happen) was confirmed to be a real game that’s actually being produced! It’s…just so incredible! Projects once thought either dead or nonstarters are becoming reality! If these games can make it into the light of day, perhaps there’s still hope for others as well! Here’s three games that we just might get to see after all if this trend continues! Continue reading Not Dead Yet! #gamersonwatch

Saturday Video Round Up: Derek’s Picks Edition

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As many of you know, this past week was all about the new games and announcements at E3 2015. This year there was a ton of great stuff and overall, I found the show to be extremely exciting with awesome games all over the place.

As you know, today is also Saturday which means it’s time for a brand new round up. Being only one person with a finite amount of time on my hands, there’s absolutely no way I could realistically provide a round up of every new trailer or gameplay video that was released at the show. I’d need to find a way to clone myself or stop time.

So instead of running myself into the ground with trailers, I’ve decided to steal a page from the wonderful ROBO♥BEAT’s site and give you guys a look at some of my favorite trailers from E3. There was a ton of games to love this year so whittling down the list was pretty tough. After you’re done, make sure to let me know what caught your attention this week as well. Enjoy!

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21 Years, 21 Stories #gamersonwatch

Image by Flickr user Raúl (CC)
Image by Flickr user Raúl (CC)

This year marks E3’s 21st anniversary, and what a road this event with humble beginnings has traveled! To celebrate how far games have come in a mere two decades, I’m running down a year-by-year list of my history with game news and events since 1995, the year of E3’s first show. (Hence the throwback to the Sega Saturn above, which gets first mention below.) The stories on my list didn’t necessarily break at E3, but rather were introduced during their given years. Keep in mind that a little cheekiness may seep in here and there, because game news is still “news” after all, and not all of it matters all the time. :) So join me on this little trip through time, and be sure to let us know some of your favorite news stories of the past and present, either in the comments here, or as a post of your own to join our June writing challenge. #gamersonwatch

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