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Let’s Be Fair About: Breath of the Wild DLC

It’s happening.  Nintendo is releasing DLC with one of its games.  Whether or not this will become commonplace is yet to be seen, but it has been officially announced that Breath of the Wild will have the dreaded and reviled…downloadable content.  (Cue clichéd violin-horror music here.)  By now, we’re all probably familiar with this practice and the conflicting opinions people have about it.  But today, I’m not going to get into a peeved rant about how I feel about this controversial subject.  No, in this post, we’re going to have a fair and calm discussion of Breath of the Wild’s recently-announced DLC, and DLC in general. Continue reading Let’s Be Fair About: Breath of the Wild DLC

I’m Worried About Nintendo

I’m not sure if I can really call myself a Nintendo fan at the moment. The me of the past was certainly a Nintendo fan, and I still love all of my Nintendo games. My opinion of the company is a little different though; deteriorating further and further with each passing year until they became a little more than a joke in my eyes. I don’t want to dislike them. I was really hoping I’d see something incredible at their recent Switch presentation. I wanted to see something that would bring them back from the brink and show me a hint of the games maker they used to be. Instead, all I got was the same thing I’ve been getting from Nintendo for at least 6 years now: disappointment. Continue reading I’m Worried About Nintendo

A Gaming Resolution?

Image by Flickr user sanjitbakshi (CC)
Image by Flickr user sanjitbakshi (CC)

When midnight struck on January 1st, I swore to myself that this was going to be a year without resolutions.  While I’m not exactly a stickler when it comes to this yearly habit, I’ve almost always made, if not lists of solid resolutions, then lists of things I’d like to accomplish within the span of a new year. But this year, I decided it was high time I just wing it. No lists. No resolutions. No goals. I decided that this year I was going to be like water. To go with the flow. To adapt when necessary and to remain otherwise at peace.

And I was perfectly pleased with my decision. Only then, during a New Year’s Day gathering, I was asked the question of all questions: “So, do you have any resolutions?” Cornered with egg nog in one hand and a plate of what I figured were my final food indulgences of the year, I quickly stammered “to play more games!” and then went on about my business of getting to those indulgences. Except the plate sat full while I pondered my strange answer.

Maybe I shouldn’t say “strange” exactly, because as a resolution, “play more games” is a perfectly fine one. It’s simply that I thought I had made up my mind about resolutions. But apparently, I hadn’t. Because I could have blurted out any number of standard answers. “To get in shape!” “To be nicer!” “To get organized!” But I didn’t. I specifically said to and play and more and games all together in a sentence.

So there I sat letting my poor egg nog getting all warm as I wondered what that meant. Because “to play more games” could take a couple different shapes. It could mean that I should endeavor to play a wider variety of games, to get out from under my heavy RPG/platformer/puzzler blanket to take on some FPS and RTS fare, perhaps. It could also mean that I want to aim to play games more often, more regularly, maybe. It could also mean that I wish to add more games to my library, to expand my collection, perchance. It could also mean that I desire simply to play more of the games that I already own, cutting back the backlog, possibly. And it could also mean all of those things combined. Really, it’s quite a complicated resolution.

The thing of it is that I don’t actually know what the resolution “to play more games” would look like for me in reality. Sure, I wouldn’t mind expanding my gaming horizons and playing more often than I’m currently able. Of course I’d like to both cut down on my backlog and add to my library.  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that with this line of thinking, I was turning gaming into…well, a chore. Something I needed to do because I felt that it needed to be done. And that’s not what gaming is, or, it’s not what I want it to be in my life. In recent years, at times, it’s become dangerously close to that, and that’s of my own doing. For most of my life, I had integrated gaming into the nooks and crannies of my free time pretty well . It was a hobby, a respite, a place to belong. Gaming is still all those things now, but I’d be a fool to dismiss that it’s also on the verge of becoming a duty, i.e. I write about games, therefore I MUST play them! And that’s not how it should be. I play games because I love them, not because they are part of a routine.

Okay fine, as I thought to myself, staring at my now warmed-over drink and plate of goodies, if I was going to take on a resolution involving gaming, I decided that it was simply going to be “to play games,” not play more games, because that implied that I wasn’t already doing it enough.  Maybe I’m not, but that’s a result of having a life that’s (ful)filled with other ventures, other hobbies and activities, other chores and duties. So this year, with gaming, I will be like water. I will go with the flow. I will adapt when necessary and remain otherwise at peace.

If you took on any gaming resolutions this year, share them in the comments!

#Listmas2016: What I’ll be adding in next year…to the backlog

Following up on my Listmas post from last week, it’s time to get to the rundown of what games I hope to add to my backlog…err,  games library in 2017. And it’s not just brand new games that I’ve got my eye on, but a number of older titles that have skipped my purview or that I once had but sold or traded. Whether or not I’ll actually play any of them next years remains to be seen, but who knows! Granted, I already have and will put plenty on my gaming plate for the new year, but it’s still fun to take a look into the video games crystal ball to see what could be. So let’s get to the list!

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#Listmas2016: What I’ll be playing next year…from the backlog

For those of us who play video games, it’s sometimes customary to take a little time at the end of any given year to look into what might be on our gaming plates in the next year.  To round out Listmas here, I’m giving into this same, fun habit with two posts related to my gaming hopes for 2017. In this first post, I’ll be covering the games from my backlog that I’d like to get through year. I figure that if I can make a concerted effort to play and complete games that I already have, then I’ll be able to supplement my library with new games (the subject of next week’s post).  As I’ve already got a couple games in progress already, I’ll cover them first in a quick paragraph, and then I’ll get to the “new” games. So, without further ado, let’s get to the list!

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Mario Party and Alternate Dimensions

If my most recent posts are any indication, I’ve had Destiny on the brain for the last several weeks or so. That hasn’t changed either; I’m thinking about how I want to to tweak my Iron Banner load-out even as I write this! Still, even with Destiny dominating the gaming portion of my brain, I have managed to pull myself away from it from time to time. Lately, those times have been to play Mario Party with my roommates (what could possibly go wrong). Mario Party being the way it is, things can, and often do, get ugly pretty quickly. I’m telling you, if we hadn’t been playing in another dimension, I doubt we’d still be living together. Continue reading Mario Party and Alternate Dimensions

Nintendo and I: Is the End is Nigh?

Image by Flickr user mauricio giraldo (CC)
Image by Flickr user mauricio giraldo (CC)

Three years ago, I contemplated why I had not yet established a relationship with the Wii U. The console had then been out for number of months, and as a self-prescribed “super” Nintendo fan, I had yet to jump on the Wii U bandwagon. Though I was enamored with the likes of Super Mario 3D World, and the prospect of new outings from Donkey Kong and Bayonetta, a number of factors, including timing and overall lack of games, prevented me from wanting to spend money on the console then. I did eventually receive the console as a gift, and I became hopeful that our life together would blossom. Here we are not quite three years later, and…five games. That’s exactly how many games I’ve played on the Wii U since receiving the thing at the tail end of 2013: five whole games in two years. Woo.

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