June Writing Challenge: All About Gaming News #gamersonwatch

Hello everyone and welcome to another UWG writing challenge announcement! What’s in store this month for all you #gamersonwatch? Read on!

June marks the start of the summer season — a time when big game releases start to dwindle, studios recover from the early-year rush, and players work through backlogged games large and small.  But this doesn’t mean gaming takes a break during the summer. If anything, with E3 just a couple weeks away, now’s the time when we get ready for what’s to come; when our feeds become rife with news, speculations, rumors, and that which is promised to make our short-term and long-term gaming futures better and brighter.

With this month’s writing challenge, we’re focusing on gaming news. And since the act of keeping up with game news is an art in and of itself, we’re taking a lighter route this time round (thank you Listmas) to focus on list posts — your lists all about gaming news! Your top five most anticipated news stories of the year; your list of recent gaming rumors that you hope come true; your top ten news stories that deserve everyone’s attention; your rundown of the latest and great to come out of E3. Whatever you choose to write about, keep it focused on game news and in a list format – easy as pie! (Or cake, no lie.)

As we alluded to above, for this writing challenge, we’re invoking the hashtag #gamersonwatch, because we want to know what games news and stories you’re watching. Add the hashtag to your post so that we can catch and share it through our social media channels. We’ll be on the lookout all month long for your easy, fun, and entertaining game news lists, so get to listing!

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