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Born of a collaborative effort between Cary, The Duck of Indeed, and Hatm0nster, United We Game is a cooperative blog focused on the gamer. We’re here to talk about the experiences we all share as gamers: our triumphs, our pitfalls, the things that excite and the things that annoy!

We’re always willing to collaborate with our fellow bloggers too! See our FAQs page for more details! (Or just email us at wegameunited@gmail.com)

About the Admins


Hatm0nster has been blogging for just under 5 years now, mostly with United We Game. He’s been gaming since the days of the SNES and enjoys talking about games as much he does playing them. He currently tolerates his day to day work since it enables him to continue gaming  (as well as remaining fed and sheltered), but is working towards a career somewhere in the games journalism sector. He enjoys writing about our common gaming experiences and all the wonderful things about gaming that keep us playing. Oh, and annoyances, can’t forget those!

His time for gaming has grown more limited over the years, but that makes it all the more special right?

Hatm0nster’s Most Anticipated Games for 2016:

Skyrim: Special Edition, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Dishonored 2!


Cary is a relative newcomer to the world of disseminating thoughts in electronic form. She’s been running her own blog, Recollections of Play, since late 2011 and has contributed articles to At the Buzzer and DISK READ ERROR. She’s an avid gamer who is more than thrilled to now be associated with United We Game. By day, she maintains herself with the utmost composure at a regular job. By night, she madly plays the latest and greatest of video games! Er…well, maybe not the “greatest,” and…uh, hardly the “latest.” And…yeah, gaming really only happens when time permits [sigh]. But still! When she isn’t gaming, she’s probably writing about games, or watching something about games, or perhaps just thinking about games. With her UWG cohorts, she’ll be supplying various articles on gaming. From recalling of past events to ranting about current issues, nothing, when it comes to video games, is off limits.

The Duck of Indeed

The Duck of Indeed has been playing video games, or watching her parents play video games, since ducklinghood.  For her, gaming is not a hobby.  It’s a way of life.  Nearly everything she does has been invaded by the influence of video games, whether it be blogging, fan fiction, cosplay, decorating the house (they’re not action figures, they’re works of art!), Youtube-ing…or just dreaming about video games, asleep or awake.  Some might say she thinks about gaming more than is normal for a human.  But that’s okay.  Because she’s not human, she’s a duck.  You can also visit her personal blog, The Duck of Indeed.

About Our Fellow Contributors

(to be added as contributors are added)


DerekGamer Crash

Derek has been a gaming enthusiast since he was little when his parents brought home a NES system. Little did they know the world they had unlocked for him. Growing up mainly on Nintendo systems, Derek has since broadened his gaming selections to basically whatever he can get his hands on. You can find him now a days acting as Editor-In-Chief over at http://www.GamerCrash.com, created back in July 2010, where he provides his opinion on just about everything including some insight on the latest news, game reviews, and everything else in between. So stay a while and have a look around! Glad you’re here.

DinaDina Farmer

Dina is a full time gaming mom.  Video games entered her life at a young age and she has been gaming well over a decade or two.  She  enjoys gaming with her family.  Dina is a newcomer to gaming journalism and she has been running her own blog Dina Farmer since 2015.  Her favorite series comes from her favorite developer BioWare, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
Although as a parent her time for gaming is limited she still enjoys a couple of hours on a weekend.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.23.42 AM


simpleek’s gaming history doesn’t stretch as far back as most of her fellow bloggers on UWG. Sure, she maybe played a game or two of the classics like Mario, Mortal Kombat, and Aladdin back when she was just a little girl, but simpleek did not become a full gamer until 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

The type of video games that attract simpleek the most are anything with good characters, well-written stories, and are just plain fun. Navigating the big and wide world of video games has been overwhelming, but luckily she has friends both in real life and online who are kind enough to guide her through it. Most of the games simpleek plays now are based mainly on recommendations. She trusts the taste of the gaming experts she knows.

Outside of writing for UWG, simpleek runs her own blog where she talks video games, anime, manga, and fashion. You are bound to find something you want to read on her blog. simpleek is also a member of the newly formed Geek Force Network along with other familiar geeks. Read new posts on her own blog on Monday evenings and new posts at GFN on Tuesday evenings.


Chip – Games I Made My Girlfriend Play

Chip has been playing video games since the rambunctious age of four, when his father first brought home a Nintendo Entertainment System.  Nearly all of his adolescence was spent in front of the television, playing games with his siblings.  This obsession with virtual worlds followed Chip to college, where he was delighted to discover new friends who actually wanted to discuss games and their impact, in addition to playing copious amounts of them.  Chip loves to talk about the joy of video games with anyone who will listen, and he firmly believes that the best gaming experiences are shared with others.
He and his wife, Laura, blog about their mutual video game joys, gripes, and everything in between at Games I Made My Girlfriend Play

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