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As United We Game has grown, we have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of fellow bloggers and gamers.  This site is not only home to posts written by our many contributors, but it has also been able to grow with the ideas of these very contributors and our affiliates, as well.  Below we will be listing all those who contribute to UWG in other ways, so why not get to know our affiliates and check out their bios below.


C. T. MurphyMurf vs Internet

Writer C. T. ‘Murf’ Murphy runs his own blog, Murf vs Internet, where he waxes about MMORPGs and anything else that catches his eyes. A strong believer in community, Murf often finds himself imagining elaborate (and rarely well-named) fictional holidays for his fellow bloggers to celebrate. If neither is the case, then he is probably getting around to actually playing a game. Maybe.

Also consider following him on Twitter where he spends nearly as much time as he spends breathing.

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