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Engaging the Enemy Isn’t Required (But it’s Highly Encouraged)

Image captured by Hatm0nster

It’s not easy being a ghost. Your continued existence hinges on not being seen, and the only time you can deal with people is when you catch them completely unawares. Otherwise they’ll not only be unfazed by your efforts to remove them, but will also be able to easily overpower you with their superior weapons and legion of friends. Indeed it’s hard not to feel a twinge of jealousy towards the other guy who just charged on in and took on the whole room with their flashy abilities and deadly assortment of cool gadgets. It looks like they’re having a grand ol’ time, leaving you wondering what could ever possessed you to think that being a ghost would be good for you.

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Considering Rare Replay and Video Game Compilations

When Rare Replay comes out next week, it will join heralded company alongside the likes of Activision Anthology, Namco Museum, Capcom Classics, along with many others. That of the video game compilation.

Game compilations are nothing new, and, classically speaking, they’ve been a primary way that publishers have pushed out or re-introduced old content to new generations. But collections of older games by single (or a conglomeration of merged) publishers, like Rare Replay, aren’t the only types of compilations out there. Some are simply collections of games that are available for certain media (maybe, like me, you spent your early childhood years riffling through “101 Great PC Games!” instead of doing your homework), while others are collections of specific game series, such as Super Mario All-Stars or the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War Review – Remembering The Past

Valiant Hearts Logo

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I love history. There’s just something fascinating about learning from the past and getting in the mindset of how people viewed the world at specific points in the past. It’s because of that love for history that Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a game I’ve been watching for a while. Coupled with the fact that the game also uses Ubisoft’s wonderful UbiArt Framework to power the experience was really the only excuse I needed considering my love for both Rayman Origins and Legends. The game’s been out a little under a year now and sadly, I just never found time to get around to it. Life, man, what can I say?

With Valiant Hearts being a part of Sony’s PlayStation Plus free games program for March, there really was no excuse at this point to not download it. While I expected a fun title, I was absolutely blown away by it’s ability to tell a heartfelt and compelling story. I found myself caring for these individuals the more I played and hoping they’d make it through this grim time period of humanity.

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Saturday Video Round Up: March 22 – 28

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It’s Saturday once again and a brand new Video Round Up is locked and loaded for your viewing pleasure. There’s a lot of stuff to get to so here’s a small taste of what kind of video content is waiting for you below the jump.

The big news this week came from Rocksteady who announced a short delay for Batman Arkham Knight. To help lessen the blow, they also released a great looking eight minute gameplay trailer. If you missed it from earlier this week, have a look now as it’s waiting for you below.

If you’re looking for more multiplayer mayhem in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare then you’ll be happy to know that Sledgehammer Games released the second DLC pack trailer. Come get a first look at all of the new maps waiting for you in the Ascendance DLC pack.

I’ve also got new videos for Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Mortal Kombat X, Killer Instinct and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

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Overlooked: Pointless Giant Things in Ocarina of Time

Image by Flickr User: Wasfi Akab
Image by Flickr User: Wasfi Akab

In this particular series of posts, I like to write about strange things that can often be, well, overlooked by most gamers. Most of the things I write about are useful or, at the very least, mildly interesting.

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Dying Light Impressions – Staying Alive or Die Trying

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Dying Light is a game that I felt held a lot of potential as I watched during its development cycle. In a generation full of remakes and sequels, this title was trying to bring something new and fresh to the table, one where you’re a person who can free run around an open world, fight zombies, and deal with a dynamic night/day cycle which also changes how you interact with the environment and walking dead in the city.


So far, the game has proven to offer a very different experience from the first few hours compared to the mid to later parts. Learning the controls, traversing the city, dealing with enemies all went through some sort of change with me as I played and as a result, it has also managed to alter the way I think about the game. It may be worth noting that I’m also someone who hasn’t played Techland’s previous work with Dead Island so my experience may be a little different as compared to someone who has.

So far, Dying Light has proven to be a game that is massively large with collectibles, missions, and side activities to accomplish and with my schedule currently the way it is, I won’t have this thing beat for a while. So instead of doing a proper review, here are my thoughts on the first few hours of Dying Light.

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[REVISITED] What Does Nostalgia Do To Your Games?

Image By Flickr User: Richard ‘Tenspeed’ Heaven

Nostalgia is a subject that often comes up when talking about video games and it’s something that’s been on my mind lately. It certainly has a power over games, but what exactly does it do to them? I’ve touched on the subject before and think the discussion is worth continuing. So I thought why not return to the subject by way of a nostalgic post?

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Something I like to do from time to time is read a retro review from one blog or another, or even in Game Informer back when they used to do those. It’s fun to see if an old game you love holds up in the modern age. Whether they do or not varies from writer to writer, but most of the always say in way way or another is that they’re attempting to review the game while putting aside nostalgic feelings. I agree that a game should be weighed on it’s actual merits rather than our feelings about it, but recently that qualifier has gotten me wondering: what exactly does nostalgia do to our games?
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