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Considering Rare Replay and Video Game Compilations

When Rare Replay comes out next week, it will join heralded company alongside the likes of Activision Anthology, Namco Museum, Capcom Classics, along with many others. That of the video game compilation.

Game compilations are nothing new, and, classically speaking, they’ve been a primary way that publishers have pushed out or re-introduced old content to new generations. But collections of older games by single (or a conglomeration of merged) publishers, like Rare Replay, aren’t the only types of compilations out there. Some are simply collections of games that are available for certain media (maybe, like me, you spent your early childhood years riffling through “101 Great PC Games!” instead of doing your homework), while others are collections of specific game series, such as Super Mario All-Stars or the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

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Today in Gaming History: 10/10/2013


1988: DMA Design (later Rockstar North) established
Twenty-five years ago, under the shadow of the vast, expanding video games industry of the late 1990s, a small studio called DMA Design was created in Scotland. With a couple praised though not well-known games, Menace and Blood Money, of its belt, the company dove off the development cliff with its 1991 hit Lemmings. (Get it? Cliff, lemmings?…cause they…oh forget it.) This popular puzzler sold millions and made DMA a household name. And Lemmings spawned numerous sequels that were created by DMA, and some one-offs that weren’t.

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