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Into The Maw: What Awaits Us in Hunger?

All images gathered from the official Hunger press kit

Back in February we got a brief glimpse of Hunger, the newest project from Tarsier Studios. Most gamers probably know Tarsier Studios as the developer behind the PS Vita version of Little Big Planet, but that might just change once they get the opportunity to release Hunger to the masses. Hunger is described as a suspense-adventure game that chronicles the journey of a young girl known only as “Six” as she attempts to escape from the strange (and occasionally nightmarish) world of “The Maw”. The game is still in early in development so details are scarce, but we felt that it wasn’t too early to learn more about what kind of game Tarsier is trying to make with Hunger. It turned out that I wasn’t the only one who thought that way.

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INFRA: You Have To Keep It Together!

Image supplied by Loiste Interactive (Note: Pictured work is still in production.)

At PAX Prime 2013 I met a man whom I initially recognized as Booker DeWitt from BioShock. I didn’t think much of it beyond the costume being pretty cool, that is until they introduced themselves. It so happened that I had met Luke Smithers, a member of a small development studio called Loiste Interactive, as he was promoting their upcoming game: INFRA. In that initial meeting and subsequent visits to the game’s sight, I learned that the game was going to be what they call a “gun-free exploration game”, with an emphasis on environmental/observational puzzles. Continue reading INFRA: You Have To Keep It Together!