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Overlooked: The Secret Room in Rayman 3’s Tower of the Leptys

You may have noticed by now, but I really like secret rooms in video games.  I love finding something I had never seen in previous playthroughs.  And I rather love bragging at people over things I have found that they haven’t.  Hey, when you’re like me, and you’ve managed to lose 100% of the matches against your friends in Super Smash Bros (honestly, what the heck), you need something, anything, to prove to them you’re still a proper gamer.  And I am, darn it.  I am a darn good gamer.

Confident in my excellent skills as a gamer, yes, excellent, I am fine with admitting to one secret room that remains barred to me to this day.  Yes, I, the Duck, great secret finder that I am (not really, but whose really going to argue?), has never been able to enter the secret room in the Tower of the Leptys (no, Globox, it’s not the Tower of the Tetris, you silly glute!) in Rayman 3.

We’ve all seen it.  I mean, anyone who’s played the game anyway.  Anyone whose played the game and reached the last section of that level anyway.  Yes, you know who you are.  You.  Have seen it.  That mysterious section of wall between the two Knaaren statues.  Like I, great secret finder (okay, I’ll stop now)…  Ahem, long have I passed that door and wondered, how the heck do I open it?  How!  It’s clearly something, but somehow, after playing the game countless times since its release over a decade ago, I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to open it.

I now know what lies inside.  Apparently, there are cages with strange creatures within, including the monstrous Xowar, which appears in several posters in the game (definitely Clearleaf Forest, at least).  And some green gems, I think.  Honestly, it doesn’t sound super exciting, except for the mere fact that so few people have gotten to go there.  The exact details for opening the door are cryptic.  Some people say you need a certain score, while others say you merely need to get Murphy’s face to smile on the pause screen on every level (by getting a high enough score in each level, so it all seems to boil down to having the correct score, I suppose).  I recently went through a Rayman 3 marathon, hoping against hope this would be the week I would finally get that door open.  With a lot of planning and replaying and backtracking for power-up cans, I managed to beat my previous top score and reached a grand total of 430,000 points.  This, unfortunately, was not enough to open the door.  Well, apparently you need a higher score….  As for the other theory, I have yet to confirm whether or not it’s accurate, as Murphy is still looking quite unamused on the page for the Tower of the Leptys.  Oh, yes, he smiles just fine on every other page.  All but that last one.  He’s mocking me.  I know he is.

Video from Youtube User: Master4lyf1

And so, I ask you, my dear readers, has anyone here reached that elusive room?  Does anyone know how to make that door open?  Because, I just want to get in there.  I want to be one of the few people who have done it.  Maybe it’s just random, I have no idea.  But thus far, it remains as one of the most frustrating secrets I have yet to encounter.  It is just so cryptic.  Other secrets may be challenging, but at least we know what we need to do.  Not this one.  So I leave this here for you to ponder over.  And go a bit crazy thinking about it.  Like me.

Fine, Ubisoft, I’m Going to Make a Secret Door with Two Ducks on Either Side of It, and Not Tell YOU How to Open It!  How Would You Like That?

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