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Welcome to our News Byte page! Although this feature is currently on hiatus, below are links to all the News Bytes we created since we started them on October 15, 2013. The links will take you to each respective post where you can you can either stream or download the News Byte. Hope you enjoy listening, and thanks for stopping by United We Game!

10/15/13 – GTA V Breaks Guinness World Records

10/16/13 –  Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix to Be Released Next Year

10/17/13 – Valve’s Steam Controller

10/18/13 –  Wii U Price Drop

10/19/13 – New Zelda-Styled 3ds

10/20/13 – PS4 Will Be Costly in Brazil

10/21/13 –  Jenova Chen and Emotional Games

10/22/13 – Oculus VR is Working on Ways to End “Simulator Sickness”

10/23/13 – Thumb Arcade Releases First Ever iOS Game Bundle

10/24/13 – End of Games for Windows Live Means Trouble for Batman Saves

10/25/13 – New U.S. Army Helmet Takes a Cue from Video Games

10/26/13 – PS4 Getting Day 1 Patch

10/27/13 – Wolf Among Us Coming To PS Vita

10/28/13 – The Ouya Slated to be in Target Stores Nationwide

10/29/13 –  “Windy Day” Augmented Reality Game Soon Available for Moto X

10/30/13 – Zynga Brings on New COO, is Still Facing Losses

10/31/13 –  Typing of the Dead: Overkill Now Available on Steam

11/2/13 – New Slender Game on Steam

11/3/13 – Ubisoft Drops Online Passes

11/4/13 – Eurogamer Names its “Game of the Generation”

11/5/13 –  Vanamo Online Game Museum Reaches Kickstarter Goal

11/6/13 – New Killer Instinct Gets New Trailer

11/7/13 – South Park: The Stick of Truth to be Released March 2014

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