News Byte: GTA V breaks Guinness World Records


Greetings to all you readers, bloggers, and gamers! We here at United We Game are proud to release today the first post in our new audio series, News Byte! The format is pretty simple. Each day we’ll relay and converse about one game-related news story in a 3 to 5 minute audio segment. Think of it as a super-mini podcast in which we talk directly to you about the grand world of gaming. Though while we’re happy to sit here and talk to ourselves about games, what we really want to do is start conversations, so we encourage everyone listening to comment. We’d love to see not only your thoughts about the news stories but also about the format of News Byte itself. Any and all feedback is appreciated, as are directions to particular stories that you might like us to cover in the future. News Byte posts will go up each morning and will be advertised on our Facebook page and Twitter. And if you like what your hear, please share the posts and spread the word of United We Game.

Without further ado, this is your News Byte!


GTA V breaks Guinness World Records

Grand Theft Auto V has been selling like mad since it was released, and its sucess had led to some record-breaking figures that have been officially recognized by Guiness World Records. Wonderful news surely, but what will this mean, if anything, to the gaming industry?

Source: Gamespot

(Below you can stream the recording or right-click on the icon and select “Save Link As” to download it.)


5 thoughts on “News Byte: GTA V breaks Guinness World Records”

  1. well, i think they deserve every award out there. The game is a master piece. I think it will definitely raise the bar and affect other games coming out later.
    Awesome news byte, one suggestion if I may and it’s not even a critic it’s more from a personal side. I have a shitty internet connection so it would be so much easier if I could download the news clip. Any chance you could make it available for download as well?

    1. Yeah, I was hoping the download option would be automatically available, but being new to audio stuff within WP, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ll look into it, for sure.

  2. 1) …Well someone has a lovely voice xD
    2) The only thing it really means is that it’ll just be one of those titles in gaming history that sold REALLY WELL to the general public. Don’t really see any massive changes to the industry. If so, that means there’s a chance to see GTAV clones that pale in comparison to GTAV. I don’t know if anyone wants that.
    3)Agree with the commenter above about downloading (though I don’t have a internet problem, this might be something convenient for others though). Otherwise, might want to listen to more news bytes to make more of an opinion on them!

    1. Got the download thing on my to-do list. Not sure if I’ll get it working this week, but hopefully for future posts.

      Also, thinking about GTA clones that aren’t Sleeping Dogs or Saints Row makes my head hurt a little. You’re right, that’s not something I’d want.

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