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Unforgettable: The Lemon Rant from Portal 2

I don’t write posts for the Unforgettable series very often because it is rather important that whatever topic I choose be very special indeed.  It has to be more than just a cool boss fight or a humorous line of dialogue.  It has to be, well, as the title suggests, utterly unforgettable.  It has to be something that you continue to think about months and even years after you first played the game in which it took place.  The Portal series is an easy candidate for these kinds of posts because it is comprised of a very unique pair of games.  In fact, I have already covered them in the past when I wrote about Still Alive and Want You Gone.  Best ending credits ever.  In short, these games are pretty amazing and are home to some great humor, most of which comes from the antagonist, GLaDOS herself.  Surprisingly enough, however, the best dialogue in the series does not come from this murderous AI, but someone else entirely. Continue reading Unforgettable: The Lemon Rant from Portal 2

Resonance: Stickerbrush Symphony

For one reason or another, my roommate and I recently got the urge to play through all of the Donkey Kong Country games, 100%, one after the other. The first DKC was fun, as always, and went down quite quickly; Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest took a bit longer though. It wasn’t just that the game is longer and more difficult than its predecessor, it’s that it also got us to stop several times just to appreciate the music. Even in this age of fully orchestrated soundtracks, DKC2’s small selection of MIDI themes still sounds incredible, and Stickerbrush Symphony might just be among the best of the bunch! Continue reading Resonance: Stickerbrush Symphony

Unforgettable: The Aliens of Majora’s Mask

I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite games lately, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and though the game is near and dear to my heart, I realize now that I had forgotten about a lot of the things that made the game special.  I had forgotten just how dark the game could be, just as I hadn’t remembered there being so many strange, but unique, individuals inhabiting the land of Termina.  I had also nearly forgotten one of my favorite side quests in the game.

Yes, most people cite the Kafei and Anju side quest as being one of the best, and it is, but it’s not exactly “unforgettable” in the manner I typically mean when I write these posts.  Rather, there is one side quest that is just so bizarre and out of place in the Zelda universe that it is the most deserving of this special mention. Continue reading Unforgettable: The Aliens of Majora’s Mask

Unforgettable: Thresher Maw vs. Reaper Destroyer

Image from Flickr user Ryan Somma (CC)
Image from Flickr user Ryan Somma (CC)

One of my favorite general moments in entertainment, from books to movies to games, is the unexpected save from the jaws of doom. Someone or a group of people is in the gravest of grave danger. The situation looks absolutely bleak, and things are only going to get worse unless help arrives. Only, there’s no chance of help. The end is truly nigh! But then, suddenly (or seemingly so) a savior comes out of nowhere to snatch the person or group right out of the clingy hands of death! And doom is abated once more.

It’s a classic scenario that we see over and over again – from Star Wars to Jurassic Park — and it gets me every time. I’m easily sucked into watching or reading scenes where it looks like curtains for our heroes, only for them to find some way out or be rescued at the last minute. It occurs in games too, and one of my most favorite unexpected saves comes courtesy of Mass Effect 3.

Continue reading Unforgettable: Thresher Maw vs. Reaper Destroyer

Unforgettable: Murray’s Geisha Dance from Sly 4

I haven’t done one of these posts in quite a while.  By now, I’ve played a lot of video games, and let me tell you, sometimes it feels like I’ve seen it all.  As a result, it is rare for something to happen in a game that really catches my attention, that’s so different or unique or downright brilliant that you just know you won’t be able to forget it for years to come.  But it certainly happens, and this time it happened in the fourth Sly Cooper game, Thieves in Time. Continue reading Unforgettable: Murray’s Geisha Dance from Sly 4

Unforgettable: The Flying Shell of Rayman 2

I haven’t written a whole lot of posts for my Unforgettable series because something has to really stand out to me to make the list.  It has to be shocking, exciting, or just too awesome not to share with the world.  It is only fitting, then, that one of my favorite games of all time gets to star in one of these posts, Rayman 2.  To be honest, the entire Rayman series is filled with unique and unforgettable moments (for example, water skiing behind a snake), but there is one part of this game that has really stuck with me, and I find it unforgettable because it is just plain fun. Continue reading Unforgettable: The Flying Shell of Rayman 2

Unforgettable: Click Clock Wood

Typically when I write about something unforgettable in a video game, I usually talk about something small that stuck with me.  A particularly memorable cut scene, an extra epic segment of gameplay.  Today, however, I am discussing an entire world.  It was after my recent playthrough of Rayman 2 that I decided next to revisit another favorite of mine, Banjo-Kazooie.  And as I made my way through the game’s final world, I couldn’t help but stop for a moment to really appreciate a level I usually take for granted. Continue reading Unforgettable: Click Clock Wood