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Unforgettable: The Appearance of the Flood

Screenshot by Flickr User: commorancy
Screenshot by Flickr User: commorancy

Not so long ago, in a room possibly far away and possibly not so much, depending on where you live, I mentally face-palmed myself.  Because I had just realized that I had somehow managed to forget a particular moment in my gaming history where I just said to myself, “Wow, now that was one of the best video game moments ever.”  Ever.  And with such a statement being an undeniable cue that I should write an Unforgettable post about it, I did.  See?  It’s below.  And the unforgettable moment I am talking about this time is…when the Flood first appear in “Halo”.

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Guest Post: Zombies are Not Scary


A group of the bloggers here at “United We Game” have been sharing posts with each other on the topic of what’s scary in video games in celebration of October and Halloween. Behold the Duck’s thoughts on the topic, originally a guest post on “Cheeese Toastie and Video Games”.

Originally posted on CheeeseToastieandVideoGames:

This week I bring to you the second guest post of the month, again on the topic of horror. The blogger I’m featuring this week is the always entertaining and insightful Duck of gaming blog The Duck of Indeed and one of the admins of United We Game. Remember to check out both of those sites for more awesome gaming stuff! Also, remember to check out my post on his blog when it goes up. I’ll reblog it here over the weekend too. Without further ado, over to Duck! 

This month, the bloggers over at “United We Game” have been participating in simul-posts most suited to the month that Halloween calls home, where we write guest posts on our fellow bloggers’, well, blogs on the topic of what’s scary in video games.  Unlike many others, the Duck is not very familiar with the horror genre, but I still have…

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