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Guest Post: Zombies are Not Scary


A group of the bloggers here at “United We Game” have been sharing posts with each other on the topic of what’s scary in video games in celebration of October and Halloween. Behold the Duck’s thoughts on the topic, originally a guest post on “Cheeese Toastie and Video Games”.

Originally posted on CheeeseToastieandVideoGames:

This week I bring to you the second guest post of the month, again on the topic of horror. The blogger I’m featuring this week is the always entertaining and insightful Duck of gaming blog The Duck of Indeed and one of the admins of United We Game. Remember to check out both of those sites for more awesome gaming stuff! Also, remember to check out my post on his blog when it goes up. I’ll reblog it here over the weekend too. Without further ado, over to Duck! 

This month, the bloggers over at “United We Game” have been participating in simul-posts most suited to the month that Halloween calls home, where we write guest posts on our fellow bloggers’, well, blogs on the topic of what’s scary in video games.  Unlike many others, the Duck is not very familiar with the horror genre, but I still have…

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Community Post: Co-Op Makes It All Better

Good thing this community post came along because I was running out of ideas.  Okay, so our first community post is about co-op.  I thought I knew what this was, but just to be sure, I checked it out on Wikipedia (I am not big into multiplayer and thus am not overly familiar with all the terms).  It appears my understanding was correct.  Yay.  Okay, co-op.  Cooperative play.  Unlike other forms of multiplayer, this does not involve trying to blow your friend’s brains out, but rather, working together.  As fun as incinerating your friends sounds, co-op has its own appeal.  Sometimes it can be quite fun to actually work together with other people to reach a common goal, instead of trying to prevent someone from achieving victory.  (It’s also not fun when you’re like me, and your friends repeatedly wipe the floor with you.)  Co-op can be quite fun indeed (and it’s the only way I can beat “Super Mario World”), and there is actually something I just realized not long ago about it.  Co-op, in some cases, actually has the ability to make bad games good.

Take a SNES game you have likely never heard of called “Joe and Mac”.  This game involves controlling this caveman or cavemen through a bunch of levels, killing dinosaurs and Neanderthals.  The game can be pretty darn annoying, and it doesn’t help that there are no save points.  Plus, some of the sound effects and creature designs were just plain creepy.  (And I could just never get over the fact that Joe and/or Mac regain health from the meat left over by the Neanderthals.  Isn’t that cannibalism?)  Despite disliking the game, I’ve kept it because it is a good challenge.  Nevertheless, I still really very much don’t like it at all. Continue reading Community Post: Co-Op Makes It All Better

The Duck’s Personal Trials and Joys of Multiplayer Gaming

I am a solitary gamer.  I hardly ever do any multiplayer, and I have never done any online multiplayer gaming (except PC gaming once playing “Runescape” on an old computer that froze every two seconds).  Just never wanted to, plus no way am I paying to use XBox Live.  You raise the price of each game by $10, then, expect me to pay for multiplayer?  I think not!  Good day, sir!  I said good day!  But, I have done the old-fashioned multiplayer on occasion, and I did enjoy it the times I wasn’t humiliated by my opponent.  And there are times when I prefer playing against people over playing against the computer.  And so this post shall compare the duck’s positive and negative experiences with playing alone and with others. Continue reading The Duck’s Personal Trials and Joys of Multiplayer Gaming