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Listmas 2016: Mario Party’s 5 Best Minigames

December is here and that wonderful holiday season feel has come along for the ride! It may be a little early, but I’m already feeling the need to party! Hmm…putting together a real party takes time though, so how about some Mario Party instead? Any takers? Anyone? …Ah well. I’ve long been a fan of the Mario Party games, the N64 versions especially. I don’t know if it’s simple nostalgia or not, but there’s just something about the way these games played that still elevates them above the later entries in my book. Maybe it’s the way the boards always managed to throw wrenches into a games’ outcome. Maybe it’s the simpler game play they offer. Or perhaps it’s that their mini-games are still a blast to play, and the following five are the very best! Continue reading Listmas 2016: Mario Party’s 5 Best Minigames

The Duck’s Personal Trials and Joys of Multiplayer Gaming

I am a solitary gamer.  I hardly ever do any multiplayer, and I have never done any online multiplayer gaming (except PC gaming once playing “Runescape” on an old computer that froze every two seconds).  Just never wanted to, plus no way am I paying to use XBox Live.  You raise the price of each game by $10, then, expect me to pay for multiplayer?  I think not!  Good day, sir!  I said good day!  But, I have done the old-fashioned multiplayer on occasion, and I did enjoy it the times I wasn’t humiliated by my opponent.  And there are times when I prefer playing against people over playing against the computer.  And so this post shall compare the duck’s positive and negative experiences with playing alone and with others. Continue reading The Duck’s Personal Trials and Joys of Multiplayer Gaming