Screenshot by Flickr User: Entertainment Nexus

Youtube Time: The Duck Plays: Rayman Origins-Geyser Blowout (Lum Medal)

Hello there!  Today, I will be sharing with you another juicy and delicious (wait, what?) installment of my gameplay series for Rayman Origins.  In this video, I get the Lum Medal in the second level of Jibberish Jungle, Geyser Blowout.  As you can see, this level took me two tries, as I was not able to get 350 Lums for the Lum Medal during my first attempt.  I was still getting used to the game, thus my minor incompetence.  Plus, I just miss the helicopter ability.  It is useful, but I don’t get that until the Desert of Dijiridoos.  Sigh.

Also, as you will soon see, I kill myself off a lot in this game.  I know it seems a bit insane to purposefully jump off cliffs and bump into baddies, but I like to do this whenever I miss a few Lums in order to try the section over again.  That way, I get the best score possible and have fewer incidences where I end the level at 349 Lums and am forced to try it all over again.  Seriously, it is better in the long run.  It is.

Video from Youtube User: United WeGame

RayDuck Origins

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