Screenshot by Flickr User: PlayStation.Blog

Unforgettable: Still Alive and Want You Gone

Screenshot by Flickr User: PlayStation.Blog
Screenshot by Flickr User: PlayStation.Blog

Most of the time, when attempting to think of a part of a game that really stuck with you, very few would cite the ending credits as something that stood out to them, wouldn’t you agree?  Because, in all honesty, most ending credits are downright boring.  Sometimes they give us videos to watch during them, either some events that come after the game or a recap of things that already happened.  Sometimes they have some epic music.  But nevertheless, credits are always the most boring part of a game and are one part that we would all much rather skip than have to sit through.  Like tutorials.  They’re boring, too.

And then there are the rare occasions when the credits are not so boring.  When you might, gasp, actually want to watch them.  Wait a minute, Duck, when on Earth does such a phenomenon ever actually occur, you say?  This is nonsense and poppycock!  Well, there are a few occasions where this is true, and that is when those credits just happen to be at the end of two games, “Portal” and “Portal 2”.

For those of you who are familiar with these games, you will know that they feature a robot named GLaDOS, who happens to be the most passive aggressive robot you will ever find.  While I have never played the first game, I did have the pleasure of playing through “Portal 2”, and GLaDOS was just as funny as everyone says, even if her comments can be rather cruel.  (Stop insulting my weight!  And my jumpsuit does not look stupid!)  I really enjoyed the humor in this game (not to mention the awesome puzzles), and I was quite disappointed when I was done, but fortunately, it’s not quite over until the, well, robot lady sings.  Because GLaDOS sings the song that plays during the ending credits, a song that turns out to not only be a rather good song, but quite humorous, as well.  While my attention was not at all directed on the actual credits, you can still, in a way, say that I enjoyed them, and I’ve since gone back to listen to this song several more times.  And then I just had to hunt down and listen to the song during the ending credits of the first game, as well, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Well, words can’t at all describe these great and funny songs, so below, I have the ending credits of both games, “Still Alive” and “Want You Gone”.  You’ll rarely ever find credits this darn entertaining (there’s a reason they currently have over 19 million views and 8 million respectively…), that you’ll actually want to share them with others.  And that’s what makes these two game endings absolutely unforgettable.

Video from Youtube User: OverTheGun

Video from Youtube User: TheMediaCows

Still a Duck

4 thoughts on “Unforgettable: Still Alive and Want You Gone”

  1. It’s the emotional core both of these songs carry. They speak of good times had that are now over. They’re entertaining in their own right, but I think their staying power comes from the way the tone of the music speaks to that bitter-sweet…wistful feeling that we all invariably end up stuck in after we finish a good game.

    And yeah, I absolutely love these songs too. Hearing makes me want to play the games all over again. (Heck just thinking about them makes me want to play them all over again…:) )

    1. You’re right about that “wistful feeling” the songs can give after the game is over. These songs make me want to play “Portal 2” again, too. Such a great game (haven’t played the first one yet). Especially when they can even make the credits entertaining, which is rare.

  2. I’m also in the “hearing these songs again make me want to play the games” camp as well. “Still Alive” remains one of my most favorite songs from a game — it’s sweet, poppy melody wonderfully belies the not-so-niceness of the lyrics. “Want You Gone” really puts a stamp on the end of Portal 2. Like, sometimes I think it would be nice to see a Portal 3, but after hearing that song, I can’t imagine that anyone would want to draw out Chell and GLaDOS’s “relationship” any further.

    1. I love both of these songs, but I like “Still Alive” the most. Either way, though, it’s impossible to not like these songs, especially when the lyrics can be rather cruel. Lately, I’ve even been in the habit of singing “Still Alive” when I do chores….

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