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Dying Light Impressions – Staying Alive or Die Trying

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Dying Light is a game that I felt held a lot of potential as I watched during its development cycle. In a generation full of remakes and sequels, this title was trying to bring something new and fresh to the table, one where you’re a person who can free run around an open world, fight zombies, and deal with a dynamic night/day cycle which also changes how you interact with the environment and walking dead in the city.


So far, the game has proven to offer a very different experience from the first few hours compared to the mid to later parts. Learning the controls, traversing the city, dealing with enemies all went through some sort of change with me as I played and as a result, it has also managed to alter the way I think about the game. It may be worth noting that I’m also someone who hasn’t played Techland’s previous work with Dead Island so my experience may be a little different as compared to someone who has.

So far, Dying Light has proven to be a game that is massively large with collectibles, missions, and side activities to accomplish and with my schedule currently the way it is, I won’t have this thing beat for a while. So instead of doing a proper review, here are my thoughts on the first few hours of Dying Light.

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