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Listmas 2016: Games to Potentially Pad my PS4 Library

Now that the PS4 has finally joined my gaming family, I have begun the all-important task of acquiring a collection of games to accompany it.  What good is a shiny new console without games, after all?  Thus far, the PS4 section of my gaming shelf consists only of the Ratchet & Clank remake and Uncharted 4, which is a sad sight indeed.  Fortunately, with Christmas coming up, I might just be able to do something about it.  And so, without further ado, a delightful list containing the potential games I might add to my PS4’s library (even if some of them are nowhere near being released). Continue reading Listmas 2016: Games to Potentially Pad my PS4 Library

Have We Lost Something?

This year’s E3 was quite exciting wasn’t it? It may not have had that definitive moment that’s always characterized the best instances of the annual trade show, but I think it’s safe to say that we’re all walking away from it quite eager for the coming months and games to arrive. In particular, as I watched the trailers and press conference announcements, I found myself reminded of just how far gaming has come in the last 20 years. The visual leap has been nothing sort of dramatic! I mean how many of us playing Super Mario World back in 1990 would have ever thought that we’d be playing games that looked so very close to reality? Heck, how many of us would have thought that VR would become the technology of the future? Gaming has grown outside of the visuals too though. Indeed, modern games are more complicated (and visually stunning) than they’ve ever been. It’s excellent! Complexity comes with a price though, and I can’t help but wonder if perhaps games have lost something in the realm of scope. Continue reading Have We Lost Something?

Will the New Final Fantasy VII Lure Me Back into the Final Fantasy Universe?

Image by Flickr user GogDog (CC)
Image by Flickr user GogDog (CC)

When the Final Fantasy VII remake was officially announced at this past weekend’s PlayStation Experience 2015 conference, I watched in awe and confusion. The gameplay video that was shown was exciting and unexpected. It looked like FFVII, but it also really didn’t. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Cloud’s spiky blond hair and familiar Buster Sword, I probably would have thought it was an entirely new game. But it wasn’t. It was Final Fantasy VII for a whole new generation. And it was Final Fantasy VII for a previous generation to experience anew.

Continue reading Will the New Final Fantasy VII Lure Me Back into the Final Fantasy Universe?

Top Anticipated Games: #gamersonwatch

With E3 at a close, I must make a confession.  While I have certainly heard of this important gaming event, I admit that I don’t typically pay it much heed, and any news I do hear comes from random people or articles on the Internet.  Nevertheless, I have a short list for you all in celebration of E3 and our June community post, and I’m keeping it simple.  My favorite gaming news is whatever involves the release of interesting games, so I shall list (and briefly describe) the five games I look forward to most (whether they were mentioned at E3 or not).  In no particular order. Continue reading Top Anticipated Games: #gamersonwatch

Final Fantasy VII: Finally Finished!

(Images Captured By Hatmonster)

Well it’s finished. After seven years of trying to get through the game only to be distracted away from it time and again, it’s finally done. I’ve finally beaten Final Fantasy VII! It took over 45 hours spread over a month of dedicating normal play hours (as well as sneaking in time whenever I could find it), but it’s finally done…and It was totally worth it! Continue reading Final Fantasy VII: Finally Finished!

The Inanities of Video Game Bosses (Created by Square, I Mean)

Image from Flickr User: lites_in_thee_skyy
Image from Flickr User: lites_in_thee_skyy

Some time ago, I replayed “Kingdom Hearts”, a game I had gone through two times prior, and yet, for some reason, this was the first time that something struck me. Video game bosses are weird. Not just the concept (why are they even called “bosses” to begin with?), but…you know what, have you ever beaten “Kingdom Hearts”? Or really, any Square Enix game for that matter. Because, sometimes, they have the absolute strangest abominations you’ve ever seen. It almost seems to be a requirement in such games that the final boss is the most distorted and ridiculous creature they can possibly come up with.

And so, when I was battling the final boss of “Kingdom Hearts” during my third playthrough, it was only now that it hit me just how goofy the end of the game is (goofy, not Goofy). Honestly. I mean, okay, I can accept the earlier fight against Ansem, when he has that funky Heartless thing hovering behind him all throughout the entire battle (which would bother me, personally, as I don’t do well with anyone breathing down my neck, monster or not-monster alike). But, then, once you beat him, you have another fight that is so much more absurd, where Ansem and his funky minion thing have somehow merged with a…I don’t know…a psychotic cruise ship of death that is floating out in nothingness, with faces all over it (including one face with a chin that could poke your eye out…nay, to be more accurate, it could poke your entire face out). And I don’t know why I never thought that much about it before, but the last time I saw this thing…

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Finishing Final Fantasy VII: June Progress Report

Images captured by Hatmonster

Well it’s almost the end of June so I figured now would be a good time for the first Final Fantasy VII update.

FFVII Choose File Menu
*Always* keep a duplicate save file!

I’m happy to report that the game is moving along nicely. More quickly than I would expected given how life in the working world tends to function. As you can see I’ve not only made it past that stupid snake, which as it turns out is called “Midgar Zolom” (could never remember that), but got all the way past Aeris’ death and am poised to make the initial confrontation with Sephiroth on disk 2. Woo!

Gaea's Cliff from FFVII
Almost There!

So far this playthrough has been a learning experience. I’ve not only learned that the real tragedy of losing Aeris is that my team no longer has a dedicated healer, but that there’s such a thing as placing characters in the front and back rows for bonus/penalties to defense and attack bonuses (I seriously never knew this!). Playing through the game yet again also provided a chance to get a better look at Sephiroth’s character. Seeing it all play out again really solidified in my mind why Sephiroth became such a classic villain. He’s not so much evil as he is insane, though there is still plenty of evil to go around after said insanity kicks-in. It’s almost a tragedy in a sense; the man was a hero and even had friends up until he was accidentally confronted with the nature of his origins. Had Shinra never sent him to Nibelheim, perhaps the events of Final Fantasy VII might never have happened. Though if one thinks about it, these events would have had to happen in order to prevent Shinra from slowly killing the planet…so Sephiroth going berserk was an oddly good thing in the end. Kind of wierd how that worked out isn’t it?

FFVII Battle screenshot
Tifa is in the “back” row here. It’s a subtle change but it makes a big difference for some reason.

That’s all I got for now. I’ll be back with another update once I hit disk 3, hopefully before the Destiny Beta hits!

One question for those of you who’ve played before: who would be a good replacement for Aeris? I’m hoping Yuffie will be a good magic-oriented character once I recruit her.