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Merry Listmas: My Gaming Wish List

It is now time for the Duck’s second Listmas list.  This one is kind of like my gaming Christmas list, listing all the gaming-related things I would like to see someday, whether they be things that can actually happen someday or are merely silly and impractical. Continue reading Merry Listmas: My Gaming Wish List

Merry Listmas: Things I Dislike About Games I Like

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the duck’s first Listmas list.  I enjoy lists, whether it’s keeping track of all my games (in order from best to worst, of course) and realizing that my collection might be getting a wee bit enormous or marking things off a list and knowing that I’m getting one step closer to a goal.  And so when I found out there was an actual little holiday where I got to list stuff, I then got to thinking about what I wanted to list (as was the logical next step in that sequence of events).  And I eventually came up with the idea to list the things I don’t like about games I like.  Here I go. Continue reading Merry Listmas: Things I Dislike About Games I Like

Glitches Involving Capricious Audio

A little while ago, Cary wrote a post about some glitches in a damaged copy of “The Last of Us” that ruined the game for her, which got me thinking about how much fun I have talking about glitches, no matter how bothersome they can be.  Because not all glitches are purely upsetting.  Some can be rather funny, too.  And so I decided to start a little mini-series talking about the glitches found in various games I’ve played.  Today’s topic, unpredictable sound.

Skipping is fun, but not when it comes to gaming: I first had skipping issues when I moved and two consoles didn’t fare quite as well as they had in the past.  These two unlucky consoles were my poor dear GameCube and my not as dear, but still poor, XBox (who was just a year old at the time, too).  That’s when issues began that I had never had before.  Months later, I plugged the Cube in for some joy, and I was confronted with some skipping music in that pirate’s cave place in “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door”.  Very odd, as it was the only area that decided to do that.  I suppose pirates like to skip?  They certainly like to sing (on TV, at least, which is very accurate).  Then, finding this great fun, the XBox decided to join in (I guess it was just emulating its big brother Cube, who was being a very bad influence) with “Star Wars: Battlefront II”, where I was subjected to more skipping and erratic music, especially in the Hoth level.  It really didn’t like that place at all.  (Considering the freezing experienced in “Tak 2” not long earlier, though, I really didn’t mind at that point.) Continue reading Glitches Involving Capricious Audio