Merry Listmas: My Gaming Wish List

It is now time for the Duck’s second Listmas list.  This one is kind of like my gaming Christmas list, listing all the gaming-related things I would like to see someday, whether they be things that can actually happen someday or are merely silly and impractical.

  • I want Ghirahim from “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” to be in the next “Super Smash Bros.”, which will hopefully counteract the horribleness of the Wii Fit Trainer being a playable character.
  • Actually, I just wish the inclusion of the Wii Fit Trainer was just a horrendous lie and will not really occur.
  • I also want an actually good “Jak and Daxter” game again for once, and I never want to see Dark Daxter ever again!
  • Plus, Daxter looked cuter before he started wearing pants, which is not weird, because he’s an ottsel (an otter/weasel), so I’m not being naughty.
  • In the meantime, I would like “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier” to be wiped from existence, please.
  • I also want the “Ratchet and Clank” games to go back to the “Crack in Time” graphics, become longer and harder like “Up Your Arsenal”, and have Dr. Nefarious as the main villain again.  These are my demands, Insomniac, from one squishie to another.
  • And stop experimenting with bizarre controller configurations, Nintendo!  What Sony and Microsoft are doing is perfectly good.
  • I want consoles to be backwards compatible, darn it!  Is that too much to ask?  Soon, I’m going to be putting tables next to my TV stand to accommodate all my consoles.  Then, when people say I play too much, they’ll see this confanglement and think they’re right (when they are definitely not right at all).
  • I wish game stores would focus less on selling phones and more on selling games again.
  • Plus, I wish I didn’t have to buy a game within a month before they stopped selling it new, which is doing nothing to help me practice the virtue of patience.
  • I want a “Donkey Kong” game made by Rareware again.  I don’t care if they no longer have the rights to it.  Make it happen.
  • And please have “Halo” games on the PS4, pretty please, so I don’t need an XBox One?
  • And while you’re at it, just release “Kingdom Hearts 3” on the PlayStation 3, ‘kay?  (Oh, and in that case, release the “Halo” games on the PS3 instead.)
  • You know what, just release all future games on a console I already own, and I’ll be a very happy duck, thank you.

And last of all, but most importantly, I want you all to have a holly jolly, tooty fruity, merry cherry Christmas, and I hope you enjoy the rest of Listmas, as well!  And what are some gaming wishes you have?

All I Want For Christmas is to Be a Duck…and Get Gifts

3 thoughts on “Merry Listmas: My Gaming Wish List”

  1. I love that last one! I agree that exclusives sometimes makes consoles more exciting, but things would be so much easier if all games (or at least all the games you wanted) were available on whatever consoles you already owned. No more fussing about!

    And yes to Nintendo someday going back to just releasing regular controllers! I mean, they pioneered the controllers we use today. Though Sony’s and Microsoft’s offerings are much fancier than what we got in the olden days, just imagine what contraptions we might be playing with if it hadn’t been for the NES and SNES controllers. Heck, we might all still be using Atari joysticks, and that wouldn’t be a good thing.

    I think one of my biggest gaming wishes right now is more hope than wish. I’ve heard that the next Uncharted game might not include Nathan Drake. And I wish and hope that isn’t true.

    1. Oh, how nice it would be to stop having to buy new consoles all the time. It’s at least nice that with PlayStation consoles, games seem to be released for the previous console for a while even after a new one comes out. I was pleased to find that the “Final Mix” version of “KH2” is supposed to be released on the PS3, even though by then, the PS4 would have probably been out for a year. I wish the same would happen with “Kingdom Hearts 3”….

      How strange, no Nathan Drake in “Uncharted”? How can they not have the main character in a game? Maybe that’s just like the time they implied there would be no sword in the next “Zelda” game, then when “Skyward Sword” came out, there most certainly was a sword.

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