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Merry Listmas: Games I’d Like to Play in 2014

Image by Flickr user BC Gov Photos
Image by Flickr user BC Gov Photos

Merry Christmas to you all! Glad to see that everyone is taking a break from all the presents and food to check in with us. Listmas continues here on UWG, and you need only search for the tag “Listmas” to read the posts we’ve completed since last Friday. Following up on the list I posted on Monday, and holding close the power of positive thinking when it comes to me actually completing a given task, when I get through all the games I need to play in order to clear my conscious and save my bank account, I’ll then be able to move onto all the games I’d like to play, which constitutes the list below. Since I got a little crazy with new (for me) games this past year, there are lots of newer (and older) games that I simply missed or had to pass up. So this isn’t a list of upcoming, next gen titles that I want to play, but rather a list of PS3/360/Wii/Wii U games that I hope to get my hands on next year.

  • Assassin’s Creed III
    I haven’t been  much interested in the AC series since I got so terribly frustrated with the first one. Or that was until ACIII was announced. Playing as an assassin in Colonial America, with the added bonus of the Revolutionary War?? Count me in! It’s been on my to-play list ever since. My husband bought the game earlier this year and I watched him play it some. Needless to say, I look forward to getting my hands on this game!
  • Super Mario 3D World
    Wait, what? Why is there a Wii U game on this list?! Well, guess what I got for Christmas…? That’s right! And though I’d like to say that I’ve been spending every waking hour with this new addition to our gaming-verse, I’ve barely had any time with it. I started New Super Mario Wii U, but have only just made it through the first world. So I have a long ways to go, PLUS there’s Super Luigi Wii U to play as well. So gotta get those done first, and then: CAT MARIO!!
  • Gone Home
    This game has topped or nearly topped every single “best of” 2013 games list that I’ve read. And never before have I heard so many good things said about a game, so it’s a must.
  • Beyond: Two Souls
    Unlike Gone Home, Beyond: Two Souls has gotten hit or miss reviews; but it’s been on my radar ever since it was first announced, and I still really want to give it a go. Plus, even if it’s not a perfect game, I’m not going to turn down the chance to spend some time will Willem Dafoe. Ever.
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn
    Kirby’s Epic Yarn has been in my Gamefly queue for…jeez…going on 3 years now. And it keeps getting bumped for one reason for another. Dare I admit that I’ve never played a Kirby game before? (Well, now the cat’s out of the bag.) Even so, just the look and setting of Kirby’s Epic Yarn has kept it on my mind all these years. And it still looks just as cute as it did when it was released in 2010.
  • Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
    Ever since completing Uncharted 2 and 3, I’ve carried with me the guilt of never having played the first installment. Just how did Drake get into the crazy mess of artifact hunting? I won’t be able to answer that until I play the first one. (Okay, so maybe it was answered in Uncharted 3, but not in a way that makes me happy.)
  • Stacking
    Stacking is another game that I’ve been intending o get for some time now, but I just never seem to remember to have money on hand to get it from either PSN or XBLA. This 2011 puzzle game from Double Fine and THQ (RIP) got a lot of attention when it was new, and it’s still out there for the purchasing. Everyone needs to spend a little time in their lives playing as Russian nesting dolls, right?
  • Bioshock
    I don’t know where to begin with the Bioshock series except at the end. Or, the current installment, Bioshock Infinite, which, as you all probably know, was raved about this year. I’d like to give it a try, but this is a case where I think I really have to start at the beginning. For reasons (ahem, Mass Effect), Bioshock never captured my attention early on. Will it be a charm still some seven years later? I guess I just have to take the dive into Rapture to find out.


This wraps up our Listmas posts on United We Game, and we appreciate everyone who’s read and commented! But, the fun’s not over yet! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the massive and cumulative end to the celebration when we post here ALL the links to EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET who completed Listmas posts! It’s gonna be spectacular!

10 thoughts on “Merry Listmas: Games I’d Like to Play in 2014”

  1. There aren’t a whole lot of games that have interested me lately. A new “Ratchet and Clank” game came out, but I hear it’s short, so I am uncertain if I’ll ever get it or not. Mainly, I would like to play “The Last Story” eventually, and I’ve heard good things about “Xenoblade Chronicles”, but it’s way too expensive (which actually only made me want it more). And strangely enough, there’s this game called “Fragile Dreams” that sounds interesting. I hear it can be annoying, as weapons break without warning, but nevertheless, it sounds really different, and I watched the beginning gameplay on Youtube and was intrigued. Of course, once more time goes by, I’m sure a bunch of neat games will come out for the next generation of consoles. Too bad I don’t have any of those consoles yet, but maybe that’ll change when some more games come out….

    1. The Last Story will be totally worth your time if\when you get to it. Same with Xenoblade. The several hours of it I played were quite wonderful. I’ve not heard of Fragile Dreams — I’ll have look it up.

      I know that once the new consoles get new (and probably awesome) games, it’ll be hard to not be tempted. I’m pretty sure that we’ll be in the market for an Xbox One once Titanfall is released in March. Not sure how having that system might affect my gaming goals.

    1. I’ve read that it’s not one of the strongest Kirby titles, but I’m not as Kirby aficionado, so maybe it’ll be a good fit. Or maybe it won’t. Or maybe I’ll end upon putting it off for another year! Oh…the joys of gaming in the time of plenty! :)

      1. Oh, I had forgotten about Yoshi Yarn! Very early on, that was one of the games that made me want to get a Wii U. The interwebs seem to think the game might have been canceled, but I hope that’s not the case.

  2. I absolutely loved gone home. Easily one of the most immersive and moving titles of the year, that and kentucky route zero have the best storytelling of the year
    Stacking is really cute, love the style but the game can feel a little repetitive.

    1. Kentucky Route Zero rings vague bells — it’s a point and click game, right?. (I’m sooo behind when it comes to PC games. Shame on me and that Steam account that I never use!) I’m happy to see a resurgence in point and click games. Some of my early PC gaming memories involved simple yet totally fun games like that. I’ll have to keep it in mind.

      1. it’s as much a point and click adventure as Gone Home is a hidden picture find game.

        haha, and I’m a recentish convert to steam but I just couldn’t resist those sales in the end

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