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Relistmas 2014!

Image from Flickr User: Momou crochet
Image from Flickr User: Momou crochet

Greetings, everyone, we had a great Listmas this year, and now it’s time for the master list!  Yes, dear readers, it’s Relistmas Day, one of the jolliest days of the year, where we will get to behold a mighty list to end all lists, a list of all the Listmas posts published this year (if I missed any, feel free to let me know so I can add it).  I hear it’s very useful for checking out any Listmas posts you might have missed….  Hint hint.  Anyway, merry Listmas, everyone! Continue reading Relistmas 2014!

Listmas: Games I Need to Play Next Year

Image from Flickr user: FaruSantos
Image from Flickr user: FaruSantos

I’ve already listed all the game I played this crazy year of 2014, and now it’s time for all the games I need to play in 2015 AKA my gaming backlog! Not including games not yet purchased… Continue reading Listmas: Games I Need to Play Next Year

#Listmas2014: It’s not the (game) size that counts…

Image by Flickr user The Master Shake Signal
Image by Flickr user The Master Shake Signal (CC)

Somehow, some way, we made it to another Christmas! Hard to believe just how fast the year has gone. In fact, it feels like we just completed last Listmas. :)  But this Listmas is going really well, and it’s been great seeing all the #Listmas2014 posts out there in the blogosphere. Outside of that, hopefully you are having a great holiday and have found more than a little bit of time to sink your teeth into some of this year’s best games.

With a little time off myself, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some of it with Dragon Age: Inquisition. While I’m only about a dozen hours in, I’m truly impressed with the game’s scale. The lands of Ferelden and Orlais are H-U-G-E. I think I’ve spent most of my game time just exploring and doing side quests, which are very plentiful, to say the least.

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#Listmas2014: Pokemon LeafGreen has taught me a thing or three

Image by Flickr user aidanone* (CC)

The second half of this year has been, for me, all about Pokemon LeafGreen. After plenty of internal debate and more than a little help from my Internet friends, several months back, I decided to play LeafGreen, my first ever Pokemon game. I wish I could say that I’ve completed the game, but I haven’t…yet. (I’m really close though!)

Despite the fact that I’ve been playing video games for a while now and thought that I knew everything I needed to know about them, LeafGreen has instilled a number of importance lessons that I either completely took for granted over the years or, for one reason or another, just never learned. So here, for you and #Listmas2014, are three big take-aways that I’ve gotten from, of all things, a Pokemon game, proving that the world really does work in mysterious ways.

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Listmas: Games I Played This Year

Image from Flickr User: Mark Fleming
Image from Flickr User: Mark Fleming

How wonderful that we’re doing Listmas again this year, as it was quite a fun holiday, and I’m just a person who enjoys listing things, no matter what time of year that may be. This has been a crazy year for gaming, so I thought today’s list would be a list of the games I played this year. Look at me go!

  1. Rayman Legends, PS3, which somehow managed to top the masterpiece that came before it
  2. Final Fantasy VIII, PS1, a game that makes you want to conserve your magic at all costs, only to have it get periodically stolen during the final boss, the only time you feel like you can actually use it
  3. Final Fantasy VI, PS1, the inspiration for the first costume I ever made and for getting me into masquerade competitions
  4. Final Fantasy IX, PS1, a game I strangely couldn’t get into, even when, at the same time, it was pretty darn fun
  5. Chrono Trigger, PS1, a nice break from the turn-based RPG’s I had played up until that point and which included some pretty neat time travel
  6. Chrono Cross, PS1, which was both fun and the bane of my existence, considering they didn’t let you get experience from fighting most of the time, and the bosses could be so darn ridiculous
  7. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, PS2, my second playthrough, but my first time completing Annihilation Nation and collecting all sewer crystals, thanks to a map I completely forgot existed before
  8. New Super Mario Bros U, Wii U, which I’m still in the process of playing, with much gusto
  9. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii U, which is a lot like the prequel, which accounts for the lessened gusto and less motivation to complete it any time soon…
  10. Pikmin 3, Wii U, which makes fruit far more fun than I ever would have expected; I just wish Brittany would shut up

A Duck That’s Been Busy With Nonsense

Merry Listmas 2014!

Image by Flickr user: commorancy (cc)

Merry Listmas everyone! That’s right the most list-tacular blogging holiday is back this year, and it all starts today!

Just like last year, this Listmas season United We Game and Murf Versus are challenging our fellow bloggers to put together lists of any and every sort! Your favorite games, least favorite foods, the top 5 dog breeds that resemble other animals (if you so desire)! From now until the 31st, list to your hearts content and tag it with #Listmas2014 in the title! We’ll be looking for those lists to add to our master Listmas List, which will link back to everyone else’s lists and will be updated at least weekly depending on how many lists we find (up to 5 per blog).

December 31st will be Relistmas Day! On that most list-tastic of days, the full and final Listmas List will be available for all to see and enjoy, and everyone who published their own lists is encouraged to relist their own lists for those who might have missed them the first time.

There’s only 17 more days until Relistmas Day now, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get listing!

Merry Listmas: Games I’d Like to Play in 2014

Image by Flickr user BC Gov Photos
Image by Flickr user BC Gov Photos

Merry Christmas to you all! Glad to see that everyone is taking a break from all the presents and food to check in with us. Listmas continues here on UWG, and you need only search for the tag “Listmas” to read the posts we’ve completed since last Friday. Following up on the list I posted on Monday, and holding close the power of positive thinking when it comes to me actually completing a given task, when I get through all the games I need to play in order to clear my conscious and save my bank account, I’ll then be able to move onto all the games I’d like to play, which constitutes the list below. Since I got a little crazy with new (for me) games this past year, there are lots of newer (and older) games that I simply missed or had to pass up. So this isn’t a list of upcoming, next gen titles that I want to play, but rather a list of PS3/360/Wii/Wii U games that I hope to get my hands on next year.

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