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Duration and Value

Image By Flickr user: Leon Terra (cc)

At the time of this writing, details on “The Order: 1886” have just been leaked on YouTube, and most of the discussion going on about the game is centered around its length; currently rumored to be between 3 and 5.5 hours. By posting time (Sunday), the reviews will have been out for a couple of days and plenty of eager player will have gotten to experience the game first hand. Until then, we’ll be talking about the supposed shortness of the game and will be resisting the urge to judge the game based on it’s length. Should we though? Continue reading Duration and Value

#Listmas2014: It’s not the (game) size that counts…

Image by Flickr user The Master Shake Signal
Image by Flickr user The Master Shake Signal (CC)

Somehow, some way, we made it to another Christmas! Hard to believe just how fast the year has gone. In fact, it feels like we just completed last Listmas. :)  But this Listmas is going really well, and it’s been great seeing all the #Listmas2014 posts out there in the blogosphere. Outside of that, hopefully you are having a great holiday and have found more than a little bit of time to sink your teeth into some of this year’s best games.

With a little time off myself, I’ve been lucky enough to spend some of it with Dragon Age: Inquisition. While I’m only about a dozen hours in, I’m truly impressed with the game’s scale. The lands of Ferelden and Orlais are H-U-G-E. I think I’ve spent most of my game time just exploring and doing side quests, which are very plentiful, to say the least.

Continue reading #Listmas2014: It’s not the (game) size that counts…