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Merry Listmas 2014!

Image by Flickr user: commorancy (cc)

Merry Listmas everyone! That’s right the most list-tacular blogging holiday is back this year, and it all starts today!

Just like last year, this Listmas season United We Game and Murf Versus are challenging our fellow bloggers to put together lists of any and every sort! Your favorite games, least favorite foods, the top 5 dog breeds that resemble other animals (if you so desire)! From now until the 31st, list to your hearts content and tag it with #Listmas2014 in the title! We’ll be looking for those lists to add to our master Listmas List, which will link back to everyone else’s lists and will be updated at least weekly depending on how many lists we find (up to 5 per blog).

December 31st will be Relistmas Day! On that most list-tastic of days, the full and final Listmas List will be available for all to see and enjoy, and everyone who published their own lists is encouraged to relist their own lists for those who might have missed them the first time.

There’s only 17 more days until Relistmas Day now, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get listing!

2014: My Most Anticipated Games!

Photo from Flickr User: Juan Verni
Photo from Flickr User: Juan Verni

So it’s now 2014, and we all know that a new year means new games to look forward to! With the PS4 and Xbox One being launched over Christmas this year will no doubt be packed with new releases, and many of them completely new franchises which excites me a lot.
There are a few games that i’m very excited for so i just thought i’d shed some light on those that i think could be the top of the class in 2014.

The first on my list is Watch Dogs, i can’t begin to tell you how gutted i was when it was announced that it had been delayed until 2014, it stood out a lot as a launch title in particular because of it being brand new, don’t get me wrong, with my Xbox i got Forza, Battlefield & Dead Rising, all good games, but it would have been nice to have something fresh. I really like the concept of Watch Dogs too, to me it looks like if Splinter Cell and GTA had a baby, Watch Dogs would be how it’d look, and that cannot be a bad thing surely? The graphics look sensational too, i remember it being one of the first games that i saw real gameplay of for next gen quite some time ago, and since then i’ve been very excited for it!

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