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Revisiting Old Friends

Image from Flickr User: lucy photography
Image from Flickr User: lucy photography

For the first time in my life, I have so many video games that I haven’t had need to replay any of them for quite a while.  And yet, for the strangest reason, I have recently had the urge to take a break from my backlog (which involves unplayed games I bought a year or more ago, mind you) and relive some of my older games.  The consoles I most want to revisit: the SNES and the GameCube.

It all began the day I found my Super Nintendo was dying, which I didn’t know until I decided I so desperately wanted to play Donkey Kong Country 2 again, after writing a post for my other blog on the top songs from the game.  Unable to play the game on its original console, I downloaded it onto the Wii and proceeded to enjoy some DK goodness.  After beating it (with 102%, proof that I still have mad-platforming skills), I then decided to play the original Pikmin again, and now I have a mighty urge to download and replay The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  And it’s all very strange, really, because I have not been having much fun with my games lately.  I used to love playing new games, but, with the exception of Ni no Kuni on the PS3, the only fun I’ve had lately is when I decide to replay an older game from at least a decade ago. Continue reading Revisiting Old Friends

Fruit Has Never Before Been This Exciting

Screenshot by Flickr User:  Gieson Cacho
Screenshot by Flickr User: Gieson Cacho

I get stressed very easily. You have no idea how much a tough battle freaks me out or the mere thought that I might be unable to progress through a game, causing me to ponder with unease all the fun I might be missing out on if I’m never able to overcome the challenges set before me. I know these are just games. They are for fun, and thus, there is no pressure to complete them. There are no global consequences as a result of our inability to traverse a series of tricky obstacles or pummel a monster into submission, but that knowledge doesn’t seem to help. And yet, what would seem like quite a contradiction is the fact that I seem to like stressful games.

Or something like that. Continue reading Fruit Has Never Before Been This Exciting

Limited Edition: A Siren’s Call

Image by Flickr User: nonlirk
Image by Flickr User: nonlirk

It was actually thanks to a comment posted by Chris Hodges that inspired today’s lovely post (thanks muchly, good sir) when he made mention of the Zelda controller in the background of the image I had chosen for my post about The Last Story.  Few images could be found for the game (aside from lots of people dressed as Calista, which is all well and good, but not really what I had in mind), and I had to settle with an image where, admittedly, that lovely gold (real gold, I swear, I’m not fibbing in the slightest at all) controller stole the spotlight from what should’ve been the real star of the image.  But, alas, I get ahead of myself.

You see, I am a proud owner of the golden Wiimote that was released in celebration of The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary.  It was one of the first times I had ever gotten something limited edition, and it brought a question into my mind, and a story.  Let’s start with the story, shall we? Continue reading Limited Edition: A Siren’s Call

Where Have All The Arcade Sports Games Gone?

A couple of months ago I repurchased a GameCube, a console that I previously had access to as a child/young teen and loved playing. Strangely even though I hadn’t touched the system for over 10 years, my mum had still stored away some of my old GameCube games (mum you are a legend!). Although most of the games she had held on to were sadly not very good, I found one game amongst the others that I had a lot of fun with many years ago. The game is question is Midway Games’ arcade soccer game, RedCard (known as RedCard 20-03 outside of Europe). Continue reading Where Have All The Arcade Sports Games Gone?

The Duck’s Top Three Overlooked Games

Image from Flickr User: Hallion
Image from Flickr User: Hallion

One would think that the best games would also be the most well-known, which is often the case, but there are times that I decide to give some obscure game a chance and am baffled at how such an amazing game could have been forgotten so.   I have several such games that are quite dear to me, and I have decided that the only way to give them the recognition they deserve is to share them with all of you. And so I will, in no particular order, as they are all awesome. Continue reading The Duck’s Top Three Overlooked Games

[REVISITED] The Duck Discusses the GCN, PS2, and XBox Generation: Part 1-The Cubester

Hello and Happy Year’s everyone! While the general saying of this time of year might go something like “In with the new, out with the old,” here at UWG, we’re all about celebrating our storied past. Every Thursday this month, I’m going to present to our wonderful readership a post from our archives. UWG has been around for almost two years now, and during that time, we’ve accumulated hundreds of posts from a myriad of great writers. As time would have it, some of those posts have been overlooked and/or under-appreciated. Each week we’ll be revisiting one such post under the title signifier “[REVISITED].” These posts will contain links back the original article, so please feel free to like and leave comments on either (or both!).

To get things started, let’s go back to early April 2013 with a great post from The Duck of Indeed that kicked off her series on the generation of consoles that included the Gamecube, the PlayStation 2, and the Xbox.

Continue reading [REVISITED] The Duck Discusses the GCN, PS2, and XBox Generation: Part 1-The Cubester

Gaming Humiliation: Constructor X in “Bomberman Generation”

Image by Flickr User: Catherine
Image by Flickr User: Catherine

Look at me, the master of creating bizarre series, has done it again.  I have started another series, with this one’s purpose being to share with you all sections of games that range from really quite bad to very rather embarrassing.  And back again.  And a fitting beginning is one boss I have found particularly objectionable since the first moment I laid eyes on him, Constructor X.

You might be asking right about now, what in the world is Constructor X, Duck?  To which I respond, you are very lucky you don’t know.  This boss makes his appearance in “Bomberman Generation” on the GameCube.  It’s a fun game, but it’s also pretty darn silly, but it wouldn’t be half as bad if this guy didn’t have to show up.  You see, before the battle starts, these two talking construction vehicles… Continue reading Gaming Humiliation: Constructor X in “Bomberman Generation”