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I’m Worried About Nintendo

I’m not sure if I can really call myself a Nintendo fan at the moment. The me of the past was certainly a Nintendo fan, and I still love all of my Nintendo games. My opinion of the company is a little different though; deteriorating further and further with each passing year until they became a little more than a joke in my eyes. I don’t want to dislike them. I was really hoping I’d see something incredible at their recent Switch presentation. I wanted to see something that would bring them back from the brink and show me a hint of the games maker they used to be. Instead, all I got was the same thing I’ve been getting from Nintendo for at least 6 years now: disappointment. Continue reading I’m Worried About Nintendo

Gaming Humiliation: Constructor X in “Bomberman Generation”

Image by Flickr User: Catherine
Image by Flickr User: Catherine

Look at me, the master of creating bizarre series, has done it again.  I have started another series, with this one’s purpose being to share with you all sections of games that range from really quite bad to very rather embarrassing.  And back again.  And a fitting beginning is one boss I have found particularly objectionable since the first moment I laid eyes on him, Constructor X.

You might be asking right about now, what in the world is Constructor X, Duck?  To which I respond, you are very lucky you don’t know.  This boss makes his appearance in “Bomberman Generation” on the GameCube.  It’s a fun game, but it’s also pretty darn silly, but it wouldn’t be half as bad if this guy didn’t have to show up.  You see, before the battle starts, these two talking construction vehicles… Continue reading Gaming Humiliation: Constructor X in “Bomberman Generation”