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Killer Is Dead Review

Image Captured By Predatoure

When I think of hack and slash games, one of the first things that I always associate with them is a sense of style. Generally games that are classified into this particular genre of video games are a visual spectacle, juggling enemies in DMC looks amazing, perfecting the dodge mechanic in Bayonetta and learning the combat intricacies is a visual delight and the fast paced over-the-top combat featured in Metal Gear Rising, in addition to the game’s blistering soundtrack, is a treat for all the senses. At times Killer Is Dead looks like it deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as these games, the cel-shaded visuals look gorgeous and the combat on the surface looks awesome, but Killer Is Dead is a game that ultimately, flatters to deceive, like a footballer’s wife, it looks good but contains little substance. Continue reading Killer Is Dead Review

Do You Still Care About Achievements/Trophies?

It’s no secret that a huge amount of gamers love obtaining achievements and trophies. Since their introduction during the last console generation, entire communities and websites have appeared, devoted to helping achievement hunters hear that satisfying ping noise on their TV screen. For a long time, I belonged to this group of people. Continue reading Do You Still Care About Achievements/Trophies?

Where Have All The Arcade Sports Games Gone?

A couple of months ago I repurchased a GameCube, a console that I previously had access to as a child/young teen and loved playing. Strangely even though I hadn’t touched the system for over 10 years, my mum had still stored away some of my old GameCube games (mum you are a legend!). Although most of the games she had held on to were sadly not very good, I found one game amongst the others that I had a lot of fun with many years ago. The game is question is Midway Games’ arcade soccer game, RedCard (known as RedCard 20-03 outside of Europe). Continue reading Where Have All The Arcade Sports Games Gone?

Sonic 3Disappointment

The year is 1997, it’s June and my birthday has just passed by. I had received some money from my relatives and there was one thing, or one game rather that I wanted to spend it on. The game in question was Sonic 3D. I’m grew up a Sega kid and as a child I was obsessed with Sonic The Hedgehog. I had played the first three games of the franchise and couldn’t wait to see my videogame hero realised in 3D.

My mum took me to a videogame store and we searched for the Megadrive games. I almost immediately found Sonic 3D, but next to it sat two Sonic games that I hadn’t played before; Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Spinball. Both of these games combined cost the same price as Sonic 3D, which was the around the same amount of money that I had been given. Nevertheless, I wasn’t interested in either of these two games. I gazed upon the Sonic 3D boxart, the European version featured a picture of Sonic’s face bursting from the front of the case in three-dimensional glory. As someone who had only experienced 2D videogames up until this point, you can imagine as a child of 6 years old, how incredible this looked. My imagination began to race as I wondered how amazing this game would be. Continue reading Sonic 3Disappointment

EGX London: My Favourite Gaming Memory Of 2014

So another year is soon coming to an end, another year in which I didn’t become good-looking, or rich. One day. Random rather depressing and strange opening sentence aside, I feel that 2014 has been a pretty good year personally when it comes to videogaming. With that in mind, I want to share my favourite gaming memory of the last year.

In September, I and a group of friends travelled to the Eurogamer Expo, which took place at Earl’s Court, London, England. I have previously been to Eurogamer, but the last time I was able to visit was about 3 years ago, so I was extremely excited to go again. After having some trouble navigating the London tubes, (I’ve not have a great deal of experience with the underground) we eventually made our way to the famous building. Continue reading EGX London: My Favourite Gaming Memory Of 2014

UWG’s Top 10 Games (So far)

In honor of our one year anniversary in this month of April, the UWG community decided to bring unto you, our most excellent audience, our top 10 games out of everything ever released up to this point in the life of video gaming! It took the entire month, but now our long and painstaking selection and ranking process is finally over, the list is complete! Starting tomorrow and continuing for 10 days, we’ll be counting down our top 10 games, with each game being highlighted by one of our exceptionally knowledgeable community members! (All of whom happen to be talented bloggers as well!)

This isn’t an objective list of the best games out there (like that’s even possible!). Rather, this is a list of games that are a cross-between simple personal favorites and games that were special/important to each of us once upon a time. They’ve either been tons of fun, milestones in our time as gamers, become icons of times in our lives, and representatives of dreams among many other things. In short, this is a big list and we’re psyched for the chance to share it with you!

And it all starts out tomorrow with number 10! What’s it going to be? I’ll offer one clue: ;)


Community post: A poor game of an even worse film….. and I love it

The game were you get to play the Waxwork models of famous Jedi. Image taken from https://www.gamedbase.com

So we are talking about embarrassing games. Well I’m going to raise the stakes. Lets get a truly awful game in here. Jedi Power Battles is a tie in to the much maligned first prequel to the Star Wars trilogy.You remember that film don’t you? That sting of disappointment, the odd air that what should have been the easiest sell in the world had somehow become a dull trudging beast of a ham fisted galactic political drama. Space politics. Politics… in space! All against the background of some casual racism and horrendous child acting.

So, the source material isn’t great but, everyone loves Jedis and having powers and battles! This game should retain the best elements of the franchise and strip out the nonsense. Just like the film that inspired it however, it takes winning individual elements and then through a complete misunderstanding of what makes them so well loved, creates an experience that makes you never want to look at the nights sky again. For fear that this version of space might be true up there somewhere.

Continue reading Community post: A poor game of an even worse film….. and I love it