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A Brief Look at the Switch’s Stats

In case you weren’t already aware…the Nintendo Switch is almost upon us!  Nintendo recently released some additional information on the Switch, and even though this information is already readily available online, let me summarize a little bit of what I learned here for you.  First of all, the console’s release date is scheduled for March 3, a date which has another significance that I will cover soon.  That’s pretty exciting, I must say, as I was not expecting it to be available until at least summer.  And at about $300 (at least, for those of us in the US; the Switch’s Wikipedia article lists prices for other parts of the world, as well), that seems to be a pretty reasonable price considering the Switch’s console/handheld abilities.  But keep in mind that there may be some hidden costs…. Continue reading A Brief Look at the Switch’s Stats

A Collaborative Look at the New Nintendo Switch

If you’ve been following along with recent gaming news, you’ll no doubt be aware of the fact that the mystery of the Nintendo NX has finally been revealed as Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch, named for its ability to, well, switch between a handheld and a console.  If you haven’t already seen it, you can find the trailer here:

Video from Youtube User: Nintendo

Pretty interesting, no?  Well, we here at UWG certainly thought so.  To celebrate the Switch’s reveal, we shall be providing you all with our initial thoughts on Nintendo’s most recent innovation in a special collaboration post.  (And, as always, please provide your own thoughts in the comments below!) Continue reading A Collaborative Look at the New Nintendo Switch

Pure Speculation: Will the NX Save Nintendo?

It is widely known that the Wii U has suffered a rather poor reception, and as a less than proud owner of the console for about two years now, it takes no stretch of the imagination to understand why this is.  In all that time, my Wii U has been largely used for recording gameplay for…Wii, SNES, and N64 games.  Aside from being convenient for recording, the only other time I had a lot of fun with the console was when I downloaded EarthBound on the Virtual Console.  As an actual Wii U, however, I rarely have any use for this poor machine.  In fact, after all this time, I still only own five games for the console, three of which I stopped playing before I finished them.  And let me tell you, I am not the kind of person who gives up on games.  I literally spent a full month leveling up in Final Fantasy XIII in order to defeat the final boss.  The fact that I dedicated that much time to a game such as FFXIII, but I quit New Super Mario Bros for the Wii U partway in is not a good sign.  It’s certainly not due to FFXIII being a superior game, because it’s not, but when it comes to the Wii U, it’s just not very long before I lose interest and play something else.

Nevertheless, despite my lukewarm feelings towards Nintendo as of late, they have managed to intrigue both myself and gamers worldwide with their ultra-mysterious future console, the NX, which some believe will have what it takes to restore the company’s former glory.  As a result, I thought I’d take a look online to see what I could find about this enigmatic little machine.  In the end, I still know very little, but I’ll try to list what I learned.  First of all, it would appear that the NX is not intended to simply be Nintendo’s next console, but something entirely new, like a console-handheld hybrid.  It is also said that the NX will use cartridges rather than discs, and I have seen images of a machine that looks similar to the Wii U game pad, but with detachable controllers on either side.  Whether or not this is legitimate or just an image someone made up, I know not, but I found this image on several web sites, as a black and white drawing and as an actual photo, so who knows.  Last of all, it is rumored the NX might have VR technology, which is pretty interesting. Continue reading Pure Speculation: Will the NX Save Nintendo?

The Physical Disc or a Digital Copy.

Recently–as in last year, I conducted a poll on my twitter account about which people prefer; the physical disc or a digital copy of a game. While this is by no means, a professional statistic, I did find it interesting that the poll tied.   There are many pros and cons to both choices and I wanted to share some things I found with each.



The purchase of digital versions of games is the uncontested star of sales. The immediate simplicity in pay, download, and play of a newly released game is difficult to dispute. Digital copies of games are often free on consoles, steam and Origin, thus making it very easy to have access to a game right away.   In example; Xbox One and PS4 are giving away free games once a month. All of the replies from my poll were pro digital copies: Continue reading The Physical Disc or a Digital Copy.

Day 11: Gaming System of Choice

Day 11 in the 30 days’ worth of video game topics I began writing about…probably over a year ago is my gaming system of choice.  It’s a pretty straightforward question, and that is why I want to write about more than said console’s amazing selection of games and the other obvious things one would typically think about.

As you may know, I grew up with Nintendo and have owned every console they have released since the SNES.  It is no doubt rather ironic, then, that my favorite console does not come from Nintendo.  While my childhood consisted of Donkey Kong Country and The Legend of Zelda, everything changed when I finally made the decision, around 2003, to buy my first non-Nintendo console, the PlayStation 2. Continue reading Day 11: Gaming System of Choice

The Fateful Day: What Happened to My SNES

Image from Flickr User: lucy photography
Image from Flickr User: lucy photography

I was long proud to be one of those few lucky individuals who still had a working Super Nintendo.  The old gal served me for a good two decades before I started to notice something was a bit off.  The SNES was always a pretty reliable console.  It rarely froze.  On the large part, it just did what it was made to do.  (The only real issue was when I accidentally touched the cartridge while it was turning on and corrupted all my Donkey Kong Country 3 save files.  Woops.)  Until I started to notice it, this slight bounce in the picture.  Every few seconds, the screen would do a small bounce that I had never noticed before.  The games were still more than playable, but it was baffling.  And a bit worrying. Continue reading The Fateful Day: What Happened to My SNES

[REVISITED] Top 5 Most Memorable Sly Cooper Bosses

Continuing with our January reblogs, you might have missed this fun post from Hatm0nster listing memorable bosses from the very memorable Sly Cooper. Be sure to catch it now!

Top 5 Most Memorable Sly Cooper Bosses

To view the original post from April 29, 2013, click here.

Image by Flickr user: theogeo

Image by Flickr user: theogeo

The Sly Cooper series introduced us to quite a few colorful enemies during its tenure on the PS2. From pirate frogs to clockwork birds, if you can think of an unlikely combination of animal-criminal, you’ve probably seen it while playing one of the Sly Cooper games. With such a arrangement of baddies, you’re bound to have some standouts, characters so out there or cool that you can’t help but remember them.
Continue reading [REVISITED] Top 5 Most Memorable Sly Cooper Bosses