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Not Dead Yet! #gamersonwatch

Beyond Good and Evil Jade

Image by Flickr user: adurdin (cc)

This year’s E3 will likely go down as one of the most successful of the last few years. Not only did we get a boatload of announcements and trailers that we were already expecting, but we also got some of the biggest out-of-left-field reveals to ever come out of the show! The new DOOM is alive and well, The Last Guardian was confirmed as still in development, and perhaps the most incredible of all: the Final Fantasy VII remake (a project many thought would never EVER happen) was confirmed to be a real game that’s actually being produced! It’s…just so incredible! Projects once thought either dead or nonstarters are becoming reality! If these games can make it into the light of day, perhaps there’s still hope for others as well! Here’s three games that we just might get to see after all if this trend continues! Continue reading Not Dead Yet! #gamersonwatch

Dread and Gaming Emotions

Image by Flickr User brava_67
Image by Flickr User brava_67

Most games are experiences that are easy to jump into, they are easy to play and easy to enjoy. There is another other kind of game though. The sort that is most definitely fun, but demands consideration; taking it in as you go along. Fans of horror games, RPGs and perhaps even adventure games probably know the feeling. It’s an odd sense, one of feeling like you’re a part of everything that’s going on on the screen even though you’re really just an outside observer. You’re definitely not there, yet none of what’s transpiring onscreen could have happened without you.  Continue reading Dread and Gaming Emotions

Engineering Survival

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Our month of Spooky-Silly Poetry continues! Like before, this isn’t part of the contest, but I can hardly hold back while everyone else is exercising their inner poet! That said,for your consideration I ecstatically present: Engineering Survival Continue reading Engineering Survival

Guest Post: More than the Setting


Check out our own Simul-tober post on A Life With Cyn!

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This month things are a little bit different. Sumer’s finally starting to loose its grip here so that means its about time for Halloween. What better topic for October than the Horror Genre? A few of us from United We Game are writing guest posts over Horror video games to be shared on someone else’s blog. This week the post is by Hatm0nster, one of our awesome admins at UWG, so enjoy and remember to check the site out!

We’ve seen a lot of big games come out of the survival-horror genre over the last several years. Games like Dead Space, Condemned 2: Blood Shot, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, just to name a few. These are supposed to be the games that can scare us. The games that we can’t help but play even though we dread doing so. How many of these games are actually scary though? They’re all certainly startling…

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It’s Simul-tober!

Image from Flickr User: JBLivin
Image from Flickr User:

Happy middle-of-October everyone! In order to get into the Halloween spirit UWG is partnering up with some of our fellow bloggers and delving into the dark hallways and foreboding spaces of horror games! We’ll each be hosting guest posts from our counterparts so be sure to check out their site’s too if you want to see everything. You won’t regret it…or will you?
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