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A BitterSweet Song

Image by Flickr user: Elsie esq. (cc)

Spooky-Silly Poetry Month continues! It’s close to being finished, but we’re not there’s yet! There’s still a few more days until Halloween concludes this little poetic exercise we’ve been running. In honor of the event, here’s another poetic offering instead of the usual fare. It’s not spooky-silly, but rather a tribute to one of my personal favorite games: The Legend of Zelda –  Majora’s Mask! It’s a game that’s seems to only get more dark and depressing the more it’s played and analyzed. It’s image a far cry from the innocent Zelda game we once knew it as. Continue reading A BitterSweet Song

The First Encounter

Image by Flickr user Justin.
Image by Flickr user Justin.

With this post, I hereby submit another group of carefully worded…er, words that may be spooky and/or silly. I don’t think I’m spoiling too much when I say that in the game LIMBO is a spider. I knew that going in, and my first encounter with it was royally unpleasant; hence, the following.

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Engineering Survival

Image by Flickr User: brava_67 (cc)

Our month of Spooky-Silly Poetry continues! Like before, this isn’t part of the contest, but I can hardly hold back while everyone else is exercising their inner poet! That said,for your consideration I ecstatically present: Engineering Survival Continue reading Engineering Survival

The Ocean House Hotel

Original Image by Flickr User: David Jones (cc); altered by Hatmonster.

The Spooky-Silly Poetry Contest is now officially underway! Our first entry comes from C.T. Murphy of Murf Versus! If you aren’t familiar with Murf Versus, it’s a blog dedicated to musings regarding everything from books, to tv, to games, and has also played host to a few blogger community events such as Voluntine’s Day. So take a moment and check it out; it’ll definitely be worth your time.

And now without out further rambling, it is our pleasure to present the first entry: “The Ocean House Hotel Song”
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