Image by Flickr user Justin.

The First Encounter

Image by Flickr user Justin.
Image by Flickr user Justin.

With this post, I hereby submit another group of carefully worded…er, words that may be spooky and/or silly. I don’t think I’m spoiling too much when I say that in the game LIMBO is a spider. I knew that going in, and my first encounter with it was royally unpleasant; hence, the following.

Hello Spider, large creepy Spider,
I would like to pass.
Mr. Spider, a big ol’ Spider,
No need to be so rash.

Hello Spider, unwelcome Spider,
Surely you have a home.
Mr. Spider, (or maybe Mrs. Spider?)
I’m just a boy alone.

Hello Spider, immodest Spider,
I do not want to hurt.
Mr. Spider, a lively Spider,
With manner sharp and curt.

Hello Spider, annoying Spider,
You are in my way.
Mr. Spider, still a scary Spider,
Keep your legs at bay.

Hello Spider, an angry Spider,
I need to press ahead!
Mr. Spider, unmoving Spider,
I see the path you tread.

Hello Spider, you silly Spider,
I have found a trap.
Mr. Spider, unconvincing Spider,
You cannot adapt.

Goodbye Spider, reckless Spider,
Go hide in your glen.
Your plan to kill will not work still.
Until we meet again!

7 thoughts on “The First Encounter”

  1. Love what you did with that scene Cary, it makes the scene sound nice an pleasant instead one that inspired ludicrous amount of creepy-crawly unease! Even once the thing was defeated it creeped me out! Those movements and sounds it made…they still haunt me… :(

    1. Haha, thanks! The atmosphere in that game was like another character – it played a role all too important in making everything seem a lot worse than it was (maybe). I am not a big fan of spiders at all, so you’re not kidding about being haunted. I still have to finish the game, but I worry quite a bit about having to face that spider again.

  2. Reblogged this on Recollections of Play and commented:

    United We Game’s celebration of Halloween surges onward with our Spooky Silly Poetry Contest! Now’s a great time to write up a quick, little (or large) poem about your favorite scary game and submit to United We Game. (Email your entries to We’re collecting your poems through October 31st, and next month, we’re going to vote on our favorite! That one person will be crowned, in the name in fun, the poet supreme of spooky silly games!

    Look, if I can write a poem, anyone on the planet can. And I’m supporting the spirit of the contest with my own attempts at writing verse and such. Here’s one I recently posted about game LIMBO and the first encounter with its infamous spider.

  3. I enjoyed this poem muchly, and I especially like your rhymes in the last stanza. I then had no choice but to check out the spider on the Internet. It is indeed creepy. I hate spiders. Especially those larger than me. (Like the Spider Queen in Okami.) That game looks interesting. I might need to check it out now.

    1. Thanks! It’s a great game, and the spider adds to the tension despite its creepiness. (This reminds me that I must, must play Okami someday!)

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