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The First Encounter

Image by Flickr user Justin.
Image by Flickr user Justin.

With this post, I hereby submit another group of carefully worded…er, words that may be spooky and/or silly. I don’t think I’m spoiling too much when I say that in the game LIMBO is a spider. I knew that going in, and my first encounter with it was royally unpleasant; hence, the following.

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Am I Awake?

Image by Flickr User:  Ludovico Sinz [Cane Rosso (busy!)] (cc)

In the spirit of our ongoing Spooky-Silly Contest this month, in place of my usual sort of posts will be spooky-silly poems of my own! First up is a poem inspired by a series that was tragically ended before it’s time, entitled: “Am I Awake?“. Continue reading Am I Awake?

A Game of Spooky Silly Poetry!


Image Captured by Hatmonster

October is finally here! It’s taken 10 months but the chilling season of spooks and scares has arrived at last! This is a season that needs a proper welcome, and we’ve got just the thing: a Spooky-Silly Poetry Contest!

Yup, there’s nothing out there that gets you ready for scares than penning a good ol’ fashioned poem about your favorite scary game, and we all would love to see yours! Here’s the score:

Starting today (Oct. 1), you have the entire month to write some lighthearted prose or poetry about any horror game you can think of and submit it to our email: wegameunited@gmail.com.

There are just two guidelines to follow:

– No offensive language (It’s supposed to be lighthearted after all) – No more than 300 words long (quick, punchy, and fun!)

At the end of the month the winners will be picked by popular vote. The poem(s) that get the most votes will be crowned the Spooky Champion of Silly Poems! (Now that’s something that would make any resume look good!)

It’s finally October everyone, let’s start it off right!