Guest Post: More than the Setting


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Originally posted on A Life With Cyn:

This month things are a little bit different. Sumer’s finally starting to loose its grip here so that means its about time for Halloween. What better topic for October than the Horror Genre? A few of us from United We Game are writing guest posts over Horror video games to be shared on someone else’s blog. This week the post is by Hatm0nster, one of our awesome admins at UWG, so enjoy and remember to check the site out!

We’ve seen a lot of big games come out of the survival-horror genre over the last several years. Games like Dead Space, Condemned 2: Blood Shot, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, just to name a few. These are supposed to be the games that can scare us. The games that we can’t help but play even though we dread doing so. How many of these games are actually scary though? They’re all certainly startling…

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