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One Week On- EA Sports UFC

Image by Flickr User: Joao Paulo Lages

I’m not quite sure why, but i’m always a sucker for these wrestling type games. I think it goes back to my younger days when i was a big fan of the WWE, but even now, about 10 years on, i still really enjoy the games, whether it be the WWE titles, or in this case, UFC. I didn’t get the last couple UFC games that came out on the Xbox 360, but i did get the original, so i was expecting the game to have moved on quite a lot from then. Continue reading One Week On- EA Sports UFC

Round Table Discussion: Do We Need E3

Image by Flickr User: Major Nelson (cc)

With E3 done and over with, we at UWG decided now would be a good time to take a hard look at shows like E3 and ask a tough question:

“In the digital age we now reside in, are these big media shows like E3 really warranted anymore? If all the information we need is now easily consumable on the internet, what purpose do these shows serve anymore?”

Joining us in our discussion are Niall of Niall’s Ramblings, Derek of GamerCrash, and Sam of CheeseToastie And Video Games. If you like what they have to say here, there’s much more where that came from at each of their sites! Do yourself a favor and take a look!
Continue reading Round Table Discussion: Do We Need E3

One Week On- Watch Dogs

Screenshot from Flickr User: Gieson Cacho
Screenshot from Flickr User: Gieson Cacho

Watch Dogs is a game that i had been really looking forward too for quite some time now, in my eyes it’s one of the few games to have been released on next gen consoles that actually offers something new, and by that i mean it’s probably the first big new franchise to hit the shelves since the consoles launched at the end of last year, so now it’s been one week since it’s launch i thought i’d talk about how i’m finding the game.
As you’d imagine the first part of Watch Dogs is an introduction to the future Chicago as well as the games main protagonist, Aiden Pearce, a very serious, dark character who has a voice so husky that it rivals Batman. Aiden, dressed in his long coat and cap looks like a classic badass, but seems to show very little emotion, and as a player i think he’s very difficult to get attached to, this does take a certain something from the game, something that you find in games like Mass Effect with Commander Shepard, in Splinter Cell with Sam Fisher, it’s that X Factor that makes the main character special, thankfully though the game does have a fantastic supporting cast for Aiden, with his accomplices Jordi, a slightly psychotic man who wouldn’t look out of place as a James Bond villain, and Clara, a tech wizard who seems to find herself in too deep in Aidens crazy world, these characters both bring plenty of personality to the table and i found myself more attached to them more than Aiden.
Watch Dogs is set in the city of Chicago in the future, where everything is connected, a city where if you have the right skills, as Aiden does, you can use the city itself as a weapon. This is Watch Dogs’ strongest asset, not only is Chicago absolutely breathtaking to look at, but it also provides endless possibilities to ambush your enemies, whether it be overloading electric boxes, bursting steam pipes, or even just changing the traffic lights, it really is fantastic, and surprisingly simple. I think this may actually be not only the best looking city i’ve ever seen in a game, but i think it may also be the most alive, a great example of this is the rain, not only does Chicago look breathtaking during a storm, but you see all the civilians start popping up their umbrellas and taking cover under ledges and canopies, something so simple but it really impressed me. Continue reading One Week On- Watch Dogs

The Duck Discusses the Wii, 360, and PS3 Generation: Part 2-360 Boxes

Image by Flickr User: ChipperMist
Image by Flickr User: ChipperMist

Not long ago, I published a post discussing what I like and dislike about the Wii, and seeing as the next console of this particular generation that I bought was the XBox 360, it makes sense for Microsoft’s console to be the subject of the second post in this series.  It’s a funny thing, though, how I got this console in the first place, because I am more of a PlayStation fan than an XBox fan, so it would stand to reason that I would have been much more inclined to purchase a console made by Sony over one made by Microsoft.  Unfortunately, at the time, the PS3 was much too expensive, and it didn’t have any games I really cared for yet that weren’t already on the 360 (this was obviously before I became a “Ratchet and Clank” fan…).  Since the games I wanted at that time were all on the 360, plus that console would also allow me to play any new “Halo” games, this became the next console I added to my gaming family.

And when I first started playing the 360, I was immediately impressed with the graphics, which were way ahead of the Wii, and even though the first two games I played were not as good as I was expecting (“Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts” and “Sonic the Hedgehog”, the 2006 version, shudder, gag, shiver), I did have a good time playing “Halo 3” (even though it was short) and “Final Fantasy XIII” (despite its flaws), the latter of which came with my console.  (I even got this little waste of time thing on one end of the console that says “Final Fantasy XIII” on it.  Jealous?)  Plus, I was just pretty thrilled that this new XBox had “Final Fantasy” games as part of its library now, as during the last generation, only the PS2 had such an honor.  My game collection was further improved with the addition of “Halo: Reach” and “Halo 4”, which were awesome, and I even had the pleasure of expanding my game library with over 40 Sega Genesis games on “Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection”.  In the end, I ended up really enjoying my 360, and I loved it way more than the original XBox.  And now, anymore of my thoughts on this console will be listed below.  (As usual, my main focus is on gaming, not the other features the 360 has to offer, and extra info was found on Wikipedia.) Continue reading The Duck Discusses the Wii, 360, and PS3 Generation: Part 2-360 Boxes

UWG’s Top 10 Games (So far)

In honor of our one year anniversary in this month of April, the UWG community decided to bring unto you, our most excellent audience, our top 10 games out of everything ever released up to this point in the life of video gaming! It took the entire month, but now our long and painstaking selection and ranking process is finally over, the list is complete! Starting tomorrow and continuing for 10 days, we’ll be counting down our top 10 games, with each game being highlighted by one of our exceptionally knowledgeable community members! (All of whom happen to be talented bloggers as well!)

This isn’t an objective list of the best games out there (like that’s even possible!). Rather, this is a list of games that are a cross-between simple personal favorites and games that were special/important to each of us once upon a time. They’ve either been tons of fun, milestones in our time as gamers, become icons of times in our lives, and representatives of dreams among many other things. In short, this is a big list and we’re psyched for the chance to share it with you!

And it all starts out tomorrow with number 10! What’s it going to be? I’ll offer one clue: ;)


Unforgettable: The Appearance of the Flood

Screenshot by Flickr User: commorancy
Screenshot by Flickr User: commorancy

Not so long ago, in a room possibly far away and possibly not so much, depending on where you live, I mentally face-palmed myself.  Because I had just realized that I had somehow managed to forget a particular moment in my gaming history where I just said to myself, “Wow, now that was one of the best video game moments ever.”  Ever.  And with such a statement being an undeniable cue that I should write an Unforgettable post about it, I did.  See?  It’s below.  And the unforgettable moment I am talking about this time is…when the Flood first appear in “Halo”.

Continue reading Unforgettable: The Appearance of the Flood


Image by Flickr User: Christian H.
Image by Flickr User: Christian H.

Anyone that follows my blog will know that Titanfall is a game that i am really looking forward too, so when i was told that a beta was to be released i was very keen on being a part of it. I was one of the fortunate people that managed to get onto it a couple of days before it became open, and since then it’s pretty much all that i’ve played.
The beta features two maps, Angel City, a small futuristic metropolis, which is the more close quarter of the two, and Fracture, which is quite a bit bigger, it still has a lot of close quarters combat but it is more suited suited to long range weapons than Angel City. Continue reading Titanfall