Image from Flickr User: The Conmunity - Pop Culture Geek

Listmas: Favorite Items and Weapons

Image from Flickr User: The Conmunity - Pop Culture Geek
Image from Flickr User: The Conmunity – Pop Culture Geek

Video games are home to much more than just delightful characters to control and interesting locations to explore.  No, most games just wouldn’t be complete if it weren’t for creative and useful items and weapons that make the game that much more fun.  So now, a list of some of my favorite items.  Those I can think of, that is.  And I will admit that this list is a bit biased.  By a lot.

  1. Double Hookshots, The Legend of Zelda, for grabbing items and getting to new locations, now with twice the awesome as one
  2. Hoverboots, Ratchet and Clank, for getting around in style
  3. Mr. Zurkon, Ratchet and Clank, because who doesn’t love a little robot that shoots your enemies and taunts them at the same time
  4. Groovitron, Ratchet and Clank, an item that makes enemies boogie (perhaps that’s what Captain Falcon meant when he said, “Show me your moves.”)
  5. Tanooki Suit, Super Mario Bros, because apparently raccoons can fly, and so can plumbers
  6. Phoenix Down, Final Fantasy, ‘nough said
  7. Extra lives, too. And those invincibility stars, while we’re at it.  And anything that increases your health, of course.
  8. The hammer in Super Smash Bros.
  9. Lens of Truth, The Legend of Zelda, even if it sometimes shows you scary things you didn’t want to see
  10. Din’s Fire, The Legend of Zelda, for keeping ReDeads at bay
  11. Mirror Shield, The Legend of Zelda, for also keeping ReDeads at bay

An Itemized Duck

8 thoughts on “Listmas: Favorite Items and Weapons”

    1. Yeah, invulnerability is always pretty great. That’s why I’ve stocked up on a bunch of the stars in New Super Mario Bros U. And yet, I can’t bring myself to actually use them….

      1. That’s the thing with items in Mario games…or any game that makes you think an items is limited. They’re always things to be used in an emergency, but what exactly counts as an emergency in a game though?

      2. I guess an emergency is when the game is extra tough, though once you use it in a tough situation and fail on your first try, you just wasted it. No matter how tough the situation, really, I always save the items in case a tougher situation comes up later. Then I reach the ending credits without ever using it.

    1. Tents were pretty useful. But, I almost never used them. Because I was saving them. But for what, I know not…. Heh heh, your characters taking a nap in dangerous locations is an amusing thought indeed.

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