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A Game of Spooky Silly Poetry!


Image Captured by Hatmonster

October is finally here! It’s taken 10 months but the chilling season of spooks and scares has arrived at last! This is a season that needs a proper welcome, and we’ve got just the thing: a Spooky-Silly Poetry Contest!

Yup, there’s nothing out there that gets you ready for scares than penning a good ol’ fashioned poem about your favorite scary game, and we all would love to see yours! Here’s the score:

Starting today (Oct. 1), you have the entire month to write some lighthearted prose or poetry about any horror game you can think of and submit it to our email:

There are just two guidelines to follow:

– No offensive language (It’s supposed to be lighthearted after all) – No more than 300 words long (quick, punchy, and fun!)

At the end of the month the winners will be picked by popular vote. The poem(s) that get the most votes will be crowned the Spooky Champion of Silly Poems! (Now that’s something that would make any resume look good!)

It’s finally October everyone, let’s start it off right!


(Mario) Partying with 1hour1sketch!

Last month, United We Game got together with the creative minds behind @1hour1sketch and offered up the topic “Mario Party,” which was hosted for one week on the art-directed Twitter site. During that week, response to the topic was fast and furious…and utterly AMAZING! Seriously, it was incredible to see so many different interpretations on a single idea, and we really appreciate everyone who contributed to the effort. If you’re not doing so already, please to follow @1hour1sketch on Twitter to keep up with all the great artwork that’s being submitted there. And while you’re at it, say hello to A4man (@AdsTra) and Fredrik Skarstedt (@Fredrik_S), the proprietors of the 1hour1sketch project.

(If you missed out on this initially or are wondering what the heck is going on, check out our posts here and here about this group effort.)

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UWG Top 10 #1- Mass Effect 2

Image from Flickr User: Firespray1138
Image from Flickr User: Firespray1138

So here it is, after a lot of whittling down we have finally reached UWGs number one game, Mass Effect 2, it’s a giant of a game and one that really made me fall in love with the whole Mass Effect series. When the original Mass Effect was launched it was a game that I liked a lot, but by no means would I have put it in my top ten, but when the second instalment came out in 2010 I was absolutely blown away. I remember always liking the concept a lot from the original, the idea of what is pretty much a free roam RPG set in space always had fantastic potential but in Mass Effect 2 they turned that potential into a masterpiece and really pushed the series forward a lot.


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UWG Top Ten: #3- Super Mario 64

I can distinctly remember the first time I played Super Mario 64.

It was the last time buying a video game console was a family event. My father had purchased a Nintendo 64 the day it released and brought home one of the two launch titles for the system.  This was the third time over 11 years that we had all gathered around the television to watch our favorite plumber run and jump across the screen.  After hooking up the console to the TV in our den, my father passed the torch of first play to his sons; handing the controller to my brother.  I slid the power button on, and sat by my brother as the Nintendo 64 launched in our household.

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UWG Top 10: #4 – Mass Effect

Image from Flickr user: Ryan Somma

Many Decisions Lie Ahead. None of them Easy.” Looking back, it seems like Mass Effect could have easily been very different from what was released back in November 2007. Watching this trailer conjures mental images of a game filled with jaw-clenching life or death choices. “Who will you save? Which planets will you leave to their fate?” it seems to ask. In the beginning, this is the game we thought we were getting: high stakes and high consequences in a sprawling galaxy where you couldn’t possibly save everyone. Of course, that’s not what we got. Arguably, there were very few difficult decisions to be had (just one in fact). Such far-reaching choices would have been incredible, but I suppose it was never meant to be. We did get something else though, something that may have wound being better than such choices in the end.
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UWG Top 10: #5 – Majora’s Mask

Image by Flickr User: Afrokid
Image by Flickr User: Afrokid

Today, the Duck (blogger of The Duck of Indeed, of course) has the pleasure of sharing with all of you a post on the game that ranked #5 in our top 10 list, “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”. I was so happy to see that this game made the top 10 to begin with, as from what I understand, it’s a rather underrated game. While many people dislike how different this game is from other “Zelda” games, including the whole time concept, it is these very differences that make this game my absolute favorite of the series and one of my favorite games of all time. But, first, a quick summary.

In this game, Link ends up in a strange land called Termina, where the moon is about to fall in just three days, thanks to the evil Majora’s Mask that has possessed a Skull Kid. To be honest, while I adore the game, I do admit that the plot is a bit odd, and the way Link even ends up in Termina to begin with doesn’t make a whole lot of sense (which has caused some people to theorize that all of “MM” is a dream, while others go so far as to say that Link is, in fact, dead). In many ways, this game is very different from your typical “Zelda” game, as it actually has nothing to do with Zelda, and there isn’t really even a villain to speak of but a spooky, apparently sentient mask. And as you’d expect, masks make up a big part of the game, many of which can do pretty useful things, including several that can turn Link into a Deku, Goron, or Zora, while others are actually not so helpful. At all. And unfortunately, the dungeons the series is known for are…well, there’s not many of them. There’s actually only four, and while they are four good dungeons, there’s still, you know, just four. The rest of the gameplay is made up of various sidequests, but that’s not really as boring as you’d expect…. It really isn’t.

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