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(Mario) Partying with 1hour1sketch!

Last month, United We Game got together with the creative minds behind @1hour1sketch and offered up the topic “Mario Party,” which was hosted for one week on the art-directed Twitter site. During that week, response to the topic was fast and furious…and utterly AMAZING! Seriously, it was incredible to see so many different interpretations on a single idea, and we really appreciate everyone who contributed to the effort. If you’re not doing so already, please to follow @1hour1sketch on Twitter to keep up with all the great artwork that’s being submitted there. And while you’re at it, say hello to A4man (@AdsTra) and Fredrik Skarstedt (@Fredrik_S), the proprietors of the 1hour1sketch project.

(If you missed out on this initially or are wondering what the heck is going on, check out our posts here and here about this group effort.)

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On Your Mark…Get Set…Sketch!

In cooperation with the creative genius known A4man (@AdsTra on Twitter) and whose work graces the Internet in only the most delightful of ways, United We Game is happy to announce that, as part of our month-long, first anniversary celebration, we’re taking part in 1hour1sketch1hour1sketch was created for bit of fun by illustrators A4man and Fredrik Skarstedt (@Fredrik_S). Inspired by the sketch dailies on Twitter they both wanted a challenge with the emphasis on sketch, meaning you only had a maximum of one hour to make a sketch based on a set topic. The more rough and sketch-like the better; using pencil and paper was encouraged. Within a week other illustrators joined in the fun, and now hobbyists and illustrators of all skill levels are getting involved in the challenge!

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