1hour1sketch Collaboration a Success; Mario Party Drawings to be Featured in May

For the past week, the wonderful and creative minds behind the Twitter art project @1hour1sketch (@AdsTra, @ Fredrik_S) have hosted the topic “Mario Party,” as chosen by UWG admins. The response was tremendous, and we just wanted to extend a generous THANK YOU to everyone who’s submitted drawings, tweeted and retweeted for us, and supported the project generally. @1hour1sketch is about more than just throwing up some artwork on the web; it’s about the best things the Internet offers: collaboration across real and imagined borders, sharing ideas and inspiring others, and becoming part of something that’s more than just the sum of its parts. @1hour1sketch has a long life ahead, and we here at UWG look forward to watching it grow and succeed.

As far as the “Mario Party” topic goes, it’s in its final throes on @1hour1sketch. A new topic will soon posted, but that doesn’t mean all your partying Marios need to be trashed! You can keep submitting your drawings on that topic (or really, any that they’ve posted), for as long as you want! Over the next two weeks, while we run a very special series on our favorite games, we’ll be keeping an eye out for new “Mario Party” drawings on @1hour1sketch, and then, on May 8th, we’ll feature them! Yep, that’s right, any “Mario Party” drawings that are already up or we catch from now till then will be posted (with appropriate Twitter handles and links) to UWG in a game art blog post to end all game art blog posts (or a reasonable facsimile thereof)! It’s our way of saying thanks to YOU! Yes, you who draw, sketch, and bring ideas to life!

So keep those pencils busy supporting @1hour1sketch, and if you decide to submit a “Mario Party” drawing, be sure to tag it with #UWG or @UnitedWeGame. Over the coming days, read along with us as we explore video games further (what we do best here), and then join us for the after-party… the after-Mario Party, that is, when we host your drawings in May.

Play, Share, Unite! here at United We Game!


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