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Games I’d Like to See on the Switch

Can you believe that the Nintendo Switch is only a month or so away?! It seems like it just yesterday that we were all speculating about what the console will be like and whether or not that weird oval-screen controller was the real deal. Well, thankfully that controller turned out to be a hoax, and we’ve even got a few confirmed games to get excited about. That said though, there’s still plenty to think about in regard to the Switch, and for me it’s mostly about what games I’d like to see on it. Given how Nintendo has been treating anything that isn’t Zelda, Mario, or Splatoon these days, it may very well be that none of these will ever happen. A man can dream though, right?
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Listmas 2016: Eight of the Chilliest Songs in Gaming

With Listmas taking place in the chilly grip of wintertime, it’s only natural that some of our lists reflect this icy time of year.  We’ve already covered snowy levels and chilly characters in past years, so it’s high time we discussed eight chilly songs that will surely have you buttoning up your coats and seeking out a hot mug of cocoa. Continue reading Listmas 2016: Eight of the Chilliest Songs in Gaming

Petitions and Video Games Don’t Mix

Like many series, the Paper Mario games have been caught in a downward spiral from which they don’t yet seem capable of recovering.  While Super Paper Mario was certainly not the most popular game in the franchise, it was not until Sticker Star that I believe the series’ decay became clear.  Not long ago, I somehow managed to stumble across a trailer for the newest Paper Mario game, Color Splash for the Wii U.  I had not been looking for it, as I had lost interest in new entries for the series ever since its decline.  Nevertheless, I decided to check it out.

After watching this short video, my initial thoughts on the upcoming Paper Mario game were a bit muddled, to be honest.  It looked…cute, I suppose, and they definitely appeared to be taking the whole “paper” theme to new levels.  But was it going to be another traditional Paper Mario game like the original and The Thousand-Year Door or was it going to continue the unfortunate decline of a once great series?  It was rather difficult to judge the game too much based on one short video, but I had a strong feeling this game was leaning towards mimicking Sticker Star rather than any of the original Paper Mario games. Continue reading Petitions and Video Games Don’t Mix

#Listmas: Gaming’s Chilliest Characters

What’s Christmas without snow?  As a result, for my next listmas list, I thought it would be nice to list some chilly things, particularly chilly characters.  It’s surprising how many characters are fit for this most festive of seasons, so sit back and enjoy the Duck’s list of chilliest characters in gaming, good and bad.  Brr! Continue reading #Listmas: Gaming’s Chilliest Characters

Observations on gaming and engagement

Image by Flickr user Jase Curtis (CC)
Image by Flickr user Jase Curtis (CC)

The following article originally appeared on Geek Force Network, July 26, 2013.

After a long stretch of dealing with summertime obligations, I recently found myself with a little extra time to get back to gaming. Along with the occasional dash of Little Big Planet, I’m slowly playing through Dragon Age II and Metroid Prime. (I’m about a third of the way through Metroid Prime and I’m nearing the end of the second act in Dragon Age II.) It’s been interesting hopping from the medieval-esque realm of DA2, which is considered a fine if not perfect game for the current generation, to the interplanetary opera of Metroid Prime, which has been called one of the best games of the previous generation. But beyond the mere look and feel of each game, these games offer much different levels of involvement, and I’m surprised at how attached I’m becoming to MP and how detached I’m becoming from DA2. It’s not that I dislike DA2 by any means — we’re getting along quite happily; but I’m finding that I’m not as engaged with it as I thought I would be.

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Metroid Prime: Throwing in the Towel and Final Thoughts

Image by Flickr user Umesh Bansal (CC)
Image by Flickr user Umesh Bansal (CC)

A little less than a year ago, I made a promise to myself to beat Metroid Prime, a game that had long been shamefully lingering in my backlog. At first, it was “All Systems GO!” I conquered the Pirate Frigate and the Parasite Queen. I bravely explored the Chozo Ruins and put an end to Flaahgra. I beat the heat of Magmoor Caverns and found solace in the Phenandra Drifts. I had a terribly rocky time with Thardus but came out on top. I found the crashed frigate and carefully crept through the Phazon Mines. The Omega Pirate was nearly my undoing, but once I remember the difference between the X-Ray Visor and the Thermal Visor, the Omega Pirate was no match. I rambled through the Impact Crater and met Meta Ridley undaunted.

The time I spent with the game, though fragmented, was filled with purpose. But by the time I finally faced off with the Metroid Prime this past February, I was tired, and I was tired of continually losing to this formidable foe. I then questioned my future with the game, and put it on the backburner for awhile.

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Metroid Prime remains, and the question of “beating” games

Image by Flickr user  Michel Ngilen (CC)
Image by Flickr user Michel Ngilen (CC)

Last month, the fine folks of A Most Agreeable Pastime posted a thoughtful article titled From The Armchair: Leaving Things Unfinished. As someone with a plentiful backlog of started-but-not-yet-completed games, which I made mention of in that article’s comment section, the post deeply resonated with me, especially considering my grand promise of 2014 to finally complete Metroid Prime. This post here will serve as both an update and admission concerning that game, as well as offer an exploration of the question:

What does it mean to “beat” a game?

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