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Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

I haven’t done this in a while, but you can bet that when I start to resort to the 100 theme challenge and the 30 day gaming topic…um, thingy for blog post topics, I’m running out of ideas.  You’re welcome for the honesty.  Ahem, today’s 30 day video game topic is #9, the saddest game scene.  There are several scenes that have made me rather…misty in the past, but I think there are two main ones that need mentioning.  Yes, I’m kind of cheating, but who’s going to put a stop to my reign of rule-breaking terror?  No one.  So there. Continue reading Day 9: Saddest Game Scene

Five Favorite Females of Final Fantasy (Who Aren’t Aerith or Yuna)

Image by Flickr user Cesar Pics (CC)

When I first made up my list of favorite female video game characters, it was…long. Very, very long. After a number of cuts, I had a manageable list of a dozen people, and subsequently got to writing. When I was done, my magnum opus reached into the double digits of word processing pages. Fine for a term paper, not so great for a blog post. So I took another look at my list and realized that I had enough characters from the Final Fantasy series to make them their own post, which is what you see below. There are reasons this post didn’t appear directly after the first post, mainly due to my own lack of organization and general forgetfulness, but there’s no sense dwelling on the negative now. The fact of the matter is that the Final Fantasy series has some of the most memorable women in gaming. Any conversation about the games is simply not complete without mention of Aerith (Aeris) or Yuna, two characters who have risen to near-prophet status through player worship, which has been egged on through the pivotal roles they each played in their respective games. Brillaint though they are, there are plenty of other female characters to discuss, so let’s get on with five of my favorites (from FF games that I’ve played).


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