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News Byte: New Zelda-styled 3DS


According to a leaked scan of Gamestop’s deals for Black Friday this  year, the US may also be getting the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds version of the 3DS XL that was officially announced for the UK earlier this week. It hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo yet, but here’s hoping that the rumors are true!

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News Byte: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix to be Released Next Year


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix to be Released Next Year

Kingdom Hearts news is coming down the pipeline from Square Enix,  which recently announced a new addition to the series arriving in 2014: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix. What promise does this game hold for Kingdom Hearts fans?

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News Byte: GTA V breaks Guinness World Records


Greetings to all you readers, bloggers, and gamers! We here at United We Game are proud to release today the first post in our new audio series, News Byte! The format is pretty simple. Each day we’ll relay and converse about one game-related news story in a 3 to 5 minute audio segment. Think of it as a super-mini podcast in which we talk directly to you about the grand world of gaming. Though while we’re happy to sit here and talk to ourselves about games, what we really want to do is start conversations, so we encourage everyone listening to comment. We’d love to see not only your thoughts about the news stories but also about the format of News Byte itself. Any and all feedback is appreciated, as are directions to particular stories that you might like us to cover in the future. News Byte posts will go up each morning and will be advertised on our Facebook page and Twitter. And if you like what your hear, please share the posts and spread the word of United We Game.

Without further ado, this is your News Byte!

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Bot Colony: A Glimpse of the Future?

(image from bot colony press kit)
(image from Bot Colony press kit)

Player interaction with the characters in a game has not seen many radical steps forward over the years. We’ve had change to be sure, having gone from simple text, to cut-scenes, to rigid voice-acted responses, and finally to a semblance of actual conversation via dialogue systems employed by Mass Effect or Dragon Age. Indeed we have seen steps forward in how character interactions are portrayed, but have we seen any development for the the player’s role in such interaction? Not really. Aside from non-functioning games such as Hey You, Pikachu!, the player’s role in character interaction has remained more or less constant. We have always been observers, either simply watching a conversation play out or quietly directing the flow from our position in the shadows of the game world. It’s not we who are interacting with the character on screen, but what we’re controlling; be it fully realized character or simple avatar. We may get around it by role-playing our characters and such, but the fact always remains.  Perhaps it’s time for that to change; time for the player to take a step away from our role as puppet-master.
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Mist Of Stagnation: RTS, FPS, and Goggles

Image from Osiris Studios Official Website
Image from Osiris Studios Official Website

Well here we are, a week out from the conclusion of PAX Prime 2013 and the excitement hasn’t died down yet. I’ve wanted to share this one since I got back, but have had to wait as daily life took its course. I’m talking about Mist of Stagnation, the newest game being developed by Osiris Studios. Mist of Stagnation aims to cross the RTS and FPS genres in steampunk flavored, online competitive multiplayer. It’s something that’s never been done before and if the current state of the game is any indication, then it looks like Osiris is just the studio to pull it off. While at PAX I not only had the chance to try the game, but also to speak with Paul, one of the developers . Needless to say, he made a strong case for why Mist of Stagnation is a title gamers should put on their watch list.
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Sword ‘n’ Board: Invention, Exploration, and Cardboard!


I recently had the opportunity to talk with indie game developer Robert Busy. Robert has been working on his game, entitled “Sword ‘n’ Board”, for about eight months now. Sword ‘n’ Board is a top-down adventure game inspired by many of the classic adventure games of eras past. While playing the game, players will find themselves in the role of “Sidd”, an imaginative boy on a grand quest to recover his cherished game console. Along the way he will have to explore an imaginary landscape of his own imagining, complete with tricky enemies, devious bosses, and vexing dungeons. After learning about this, I had plenty of questions for Robert, which he had no problems answering.
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