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Console Gaming May Not be the Best Option Anymore

ME3 Shadow Broker

Image By Flickr User: JBLivin (cc)

I’ve been player of home consoles for my entire life as a gamer. It used to be that I would steadfastly tout the superiority of my favorite consoles over the PC, even in the face of growing evidence to the contrary. I’m even still considering potentially picking up an Xbox One in order to play the likes of Halo 5 and Tomb Raider. I had an incredible time with the consoles of the past, and am very happy with PS4 now. It’s been an absolute blast. However, more and more often now I find my gaze wandering to the land of PC gaming. With everything PCs have to offer these days, I can’t help but wonder if remaining a primarily console-based gamer is the best way to continue. Continue reading Console Gaming May Not be the Best Option Anymore

My “Deserted Island” Games — PC edition

Image by Flickr user AIBakker
Image by Flickr user AIBakker

Greetings all! It is with a big smile and a heavy heart that I offer up the last post in my “Deserted Island” series. It seems fitting that I end where my gaming really began, on computers. But, I’ll tell you, I’m not going all the way back here to the TRS-80, because I don’t think using BASIC to write up a game of Russian Roulette or make the screen turn 8 colors really counts as gaming. Though my early life was filled with a Atari and Nintendo, the PC actually dominated most of my gameplay, especially once I hit high school. We had dozens upon dozens of floppy disks brimming with games, both real and knockoffs, demos and full experiences. While my peers were drowning their quarters in the arcades, I was quietly sitting in a comfortable chair in a darkened room blasting you-know-what to you-know-where or navigating my little pixelated friends through mazes, over ledges, and into grand boss battles. The PC is where I discovered the simple joys of point-and-click games, text games, and first person shooters. I doubt I’m going to get wifi on my island, so I gotta do something with my PC, right?

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With All These New Consoles Coming Out, Why Not Just Get a PC?

Image by Flickr user Handles
Image by Flickr user Handles

With the bulk of the big E3 announcements behind us, and as the excitement wanes just a tad, what are we left with? A slew of great looking games for either a new $500 console or a new $400 console. The Wii U is still hovering around the $300-$350. Maybe its price will drop by the time those other new consoles hit the market. Or maybe not. Either way, if someone was looking to buy all-new this holiday season, s/he could easily drop $1200. And that’s not even counting all the games, accessories, online access fees, etc.

United We Blog: Our First Subject

Image by Flickr user :Commorancy
Image by Flickr user: Commorancy

Hello all! We here at UWG are excited to announce our first effort as bloggers united! For this first foray into unified posting, we’ve all decided that the next round of posts should have a common theme to them. Who picks that theme? Well, we all do! That’s right, our next round of posts will be determined by the joint efforts of ourselves and you, our wonderful readers!
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