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The Day I Lost My Reliance on Save Points

Image from Flickr User: //svensson
Image from Flickr User: //svensson

After reading Mr. Hatm0nster’s post on the video game, Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues, I was reminded of my experience with another game on the SNES, titled simply Jurassic Park.  For a decade and more I was plagued by this game.  You see, it was among several SNES games I own that have no save points whatsoever, and since I don’t usually have a long enough attention span for such games, it was quite a long time before I ever completed any of them.  And then, surely due to some inexplicable desire for pain, I decided to force myself to suffer through the entirety of Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday, another game lacking in save points that had terrorized my existence for many years.  I spent an entire evening trudging through this festival of horrors, all while eating goldfish crackers and listening to my cat snore.  It was a long and trying affair, but I finally defeated the final boss and reigned victorious.  With my conquest complete, I decided to set my sights on the one other game that had plagued me since ducklinghood.  The SNES adaptation of Jurassic Park. Continue reading The Day I Lost My Reliance on Save Points

Jurassic Park 2: Should The Chaos Have Continued?

(Image captured by Hatm0nster)

Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues (JP2) has been a part of my collection for about 20 years now. It’s survived numerous moves, the mass trade-in of 98’, and even made it through my college years. It’s just always been there. Despite having held onto it for so long though, I’ve never been able to decide if it’s actually a good game. I certainly liked it enough to keep it and consider it an old favorite, but I’ve never been able to outright say “Yes!” whenever friends asked if it was any good. So inevitably they’d ask “Well, then why do you like it”. I’ve never had a good answer before, but now…now I’d say it’s because the game is sticky.

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Resonance: The Dark Jungle

Image by Flickr User: Christian Haugen (cc)

One of the most wonderful things about game music, and indeed music in general, is its incredible staying power. All it takes is a hint of a game’s theme to bring the entire experience rushing back! I was recently reminded of a old favorite just like that in fact. All thanks to the theme from its first level. Continue reading Resonance: The Dark Jungle

Why Games Made From Movies Make Me Sad

Image from Flickr User: Pelikauppa Retrotunneli
Image from Flickr User: Pelikauppa Retrotunneli

Is it just me, or are video games made from movies and books usually not very good? I don’t know, maybe I just pick bad games, but I have learned over the years to never play a game based off of something else, and I have since placed nearly every game I own from this category into my to-sell pile. (I’m pretty much waiting for another Play & Trade to open up near me because Game Stop won’t take old games. There was one, and then it closed…. Frowny-faces.)

You see, what happened is, many years ago, when I was still naïve, I would sometimes buy games from movie series I enjoyed, and I was rarely ever happy with what I ended up with. I bought “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” quite some time ago (which I sold to Play & Trade when they were still around), and I was not a fan. It was just ridiculously hard, and all I could really do was button mash all over the place and watch as my character got beaten to a pulp by all manner of orcs and trolls and other freaky things. Not my idea of a good time, even if the orcs likely found my pain to be entertaining. And then I played “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” on the GameCube, which was largely frustrating and involved a bunch of challenges that didn’t actually relate to the game at all. And exploring Hogwarts was not nearly as cool as I thought it would be. I also didn’t have many happy thoughts on “The Hobbit” video game, which seemed to be well-liked, but it was just too difficult and, once again, involved a lot of unrelated challenges, so we hates it forever, precious. And “Jurassic Park” on the SNES was rather horrible, as well. And not just because there were no save points.

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