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A Day That Made My Heart Fill With Rainbows

I recently experienced my second masquerade, an event I have been preparing for for the better part of a year.  My character of choice this time around was Lord Ghirahim, the villain of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and any details on the making of his (horrendously difficult) costume can or will soon be found on my blog, The Duck of Indeed.

I woke up that morning with a large task on my hands.  Putting on my costume.  It’s a lot harder than you’d think, really, as I had a great deal of body paint that needed applying, my own special blend of light grey to best match the Demon Lord’s flawless complexion.  I thought if I put the paint on first, then the clothes, it might rub off onto my clothing, but if I apply the paint after my clothes are on, it will be hard to get close to the clothing without getting paint on it.  This proved to be the most aggravating part of my morning preparation, and while I went with the latter method at first, I quickly found that I couldn’t get the paint under the edges of my clothing, nor could I hold the clothing away to a sufficient degree while applying said paint without painting my clothes.  I had to then switch to method one, which proved more effective.  But, it really didn’t matter in the end, because I had far more paint troubles to worry about in my future.  But, we’ll get to that soon. Continue reading A Day That Made My Heart Fill With Rainbows