Gaming’s Best Foolery: Secrets and Hoaxes

We swear we’re not fooling around with a new community writing challenge, for it is with a little April Foolery in mind that we offer up a new topic this month about secrets, hoaxes, and general (yet fun) trickery in games!

It’s no secret that developers have been hiding some fun and frustrating secrets in games for decades, from warp whistles (Super Mario 3), to Reptile (Mortal Kombat), to the Scarab gun (Halo 2), and finding Mew (Pokemon) to name just a few. And it seems that for every handful of known secrets, no matter how difficult they are to find, there are a few that remain unknown or questionable in their legitimacy. With the rise of gaming secrets and easter eggs has also come the rise of gaming hoaxes. Some end up in the form of rumors – remember the ones about how you could supposedly keep Aerith alive in Final Fantasy VII? While others become full-blown ruses that lead players on wild goose chases, such as the one about being able to obtain the actual triforce in the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

As crazy as gaming secrets and hoaxes can be, they pepper landscape of video games with plenty of intrigue and have become “a way of life” in gaming, so to speak. With this months writing challenge, we invite you to write about your favorite or least favorite gaming secrets, tricks, and hoaxes. Are there any secrets you never found but want to one day? Are there any gaming hoaxes that you wish had been true? What’s the hardest easter egg you’ve ever found or longest you’ve ever spent trying to find a secret something-or-other? Maybe make up your own hoax or secret and see if the community can call you out on it (all in good fun, of course).

We’ll be sharing any posts we catch across our social media sites — tag your post with #UnitedWeGame or #UWG so we’ll be sure to see it. However you choose to run with this topic, have fun with it and spread the word! The challenge runs through Friday, May 1st, so there’s plenty of time to come up with something. The more posts there are, the more we’ll share. And check back here for posts of our own on gaming secrets and hoaxes!

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    This month, United We Game is back with another writing challenge for the gaming blogosphere! There’s no end of great topics to populate any game blog, so why not take a stab at what we’ve got going on now in the name of fun and sharing? With April Fools in mind, we’re talking about game secrets and hoaxes — your favorite game secrets and hoaxes and general foolery. If you’re feeling so inspired to write, click below for all the details, and feel free to share!

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