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Hopes For the Edge

Image By Flickr User: gray_um (cc)

My opinion of Mirror’s Edge has been in a state of flux ever since I first played the game back in 2008. I loved it initially, eventually bought into the endless online criticism of the game and became a critic of the game myself for the last 5 years. ‘It wasn’t actually good,” I concluded. “I was just dazzled by the unusual game play and art style,” I thought. Well thank goodness for the annual summer slump of game releases, because after 5 years of disliking it I finally returned to Mirror’s Edge, and found that it was just as fun as I thought it was back in the beginning! It has room to grow, but experiment wasn’t a failure; first-person traversal can work as a core mechanic! And if the E3 trailer (below) is anything to go by it looks like DICE is taking that to heart and doing everything they can to make it into the game they always wanted it to be. A promising as it all sounds, I’m hoping they’ll expand on some other things as well.

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