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Saturday Video Round Up: July 12 – 18

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Alright, lets get real for a moment here. We’re deep in the heart of July which basically translates to the driest and most bare bones time for games in the entire year. Unfortunately, that also means the Round Up isn’t as stocked as it usually is. But hold on! Before you close this tab or browse to a new site, I do have a good selection of videos for you this week so make sure to get comfortable, crank the volume and enjoy. Here’s a small taste of what’s waiting for you below the jump.

This week Avalanche Studios released the full 7 minute demo for Just Cause 3 from E3 last month and boy does the game look incredibly fun. If surfing on jets, blowing stuff up, using a wingsuit to speed across a gorgeous Mediterranean landscape, or using a grappling hook to destroy things sounds like your idea of fun, make sure to watch the video below.

For those who may have missed one of PlayStation 3’s most visually impressive games, well, you now have another chance to experience true anger as God of War III Remastered is now out for the PlayStation 4. And yes, somehow the tech wizards at Sony Santa Monica have managed to squeeze more visual quality out of the game. The launch trailer is below.

I’ve also got new videos for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Rock Band 4, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 gameplay and so much more after the break, so come check out this week’s batch of trailers!

The full list of videos await you after the jump…

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