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Does it Have Replay Value?

Replay Value. It’s the last thing we think about when deciding whether or not we’re interested in a game, but it’s among the first when time comes to actually buy it. Having a reason to come back after the credits roll has always been important; it’s what the old arcade game literally banked on after all. However, in a modern game industry where the choices are too many to count, having more replay value could very well make the difference between a purchase and a pass. What is that makes a game re-playable though? One would think that a modern game would need a wealth of content in order to stay on the shelf, but I don’t that’s quite it. Content certainly helps, but it can’t do anything if the game doesn’t do something to win its players over first. Continue reading Does it Have Replay Value?

#Listmas2016: Favorite Games to Replay

When we talk about the value of games, often we discuss replayability. That magic factor or host of factors that drive players to play games over despite having already beaten them. Sometimes it involves following a different plot or playing as different characters. Sometimes it involves collectibles or gathering special items. Sometimes it involves the drive to fully complete a game. And sometimes, a game is just that fun and compelling that it’s worth playing again simply because it exists.

Replaying Yoshi’s Woolly World for our YouTube channel has got me thinking about replayability, and, frankly, and unfortunately, how often I don’t replay my games these days. Because there was a time when I played the same games repeatedly, and it didn’t faze me. Now, with games being big and expansive, simply seeing a game’s credits, whether the game itself is fully complete or not, is nothing short of an accomplishment.  But that’s not to say that I haven’t ever occasionally returned to a big, expansive game in order to relive its experience. Or that I haven’t ever returned to those older games that kept me going for so long. With that in mind, here’s my #Listmas list of my top five…err, six favorite games that I like to keep on repeat.

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Red Dead Redemption: Second Time’s a Charm?

Image by Flickr user Jussi Mononen (CC)
Image by Flickr user Jussi Mononen (CC)

At the beginning of 2013, I finally got around to playing Red Dead Redemption. We had rented to game some months earlier, and though it looked interesting at the time, I was too engrossed in other games to really take notice. But rather than just forget about RDR completely, I instead picked it up on sale around the holidays. It became one of the best decisions I’d ever made.

I loved Red Dead Redemption. Like, loved loved it. I called it one of my most favorite games of the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii generation. I loved its sights, sounds, and gameplay. I loved being in the “Old West” as modernity encroached. I loved taking the reigns as John Marston, ye gruff seeker of right in the face of wrong. I loved the game despite some glaring flaws, particularly with its endgame. And ever since I put down the controller nearly three years ago to date, I’ve wanted to play the game again. But as with gaming, other games prevailed, and Red Dead was set on the backburner. Our “favorite” games challenge (big ups to the friendly purveyor of Murf Versus for planting that idea seed) that we set last month finally gave me the perfect opportunity to not only replay the game, but to somehow revisit it in a different way than I had before. How did things go in New Austin the second time round? Why, I’m so glad you asked!

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Getting Back To It: Fable II

Image captured by Hatm0nster

In my ongoing mission to finally return to the games that have been languishing on my replay list, this month I finally got back to Fable II. The game was a favorite of mine back in the early days of the Xbox 360, when menu blades were still a thing and the Kinect was only a pipe dream. I hadn’t picked it up since completing the game back in 2009, so I’d forgotten just about everything about it except that I’d really liked it. So, this month’s revisit carried a purpose with it. That purpose being to answer two questions: Why was this game a favorite? And why would a so-called favorite be left to rot for so long? Well, I’m happy to report that not only did I finish Fable II once more, but I was indeed able to answer both questions!  Continue reading Getting Back To It: Fable II

Getting Back To It – Final Fantasy XIII

Image By Flickr User: RoninKengo (cc)

Happy Easter everyone! It’s hard to believe that we’ve already departed March and made it to April, but it’s happened and with a new month comes a new report back from memory lane. For March I decided to return to Final Fantasy XIII, and it actually held up surprisingly pretty well!

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